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You Treated: Now, why is my lawn WHITE?

Why Did My Lawn Turn White?

Did your treatment kill my lawn

If we are treating your lawn this fall, you might be asking yourself “why did my lawn turn white?” We’ve received many calls about discoloration in our customers’ lawns and I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone an update. Many people who’ve already switched over from other companies will tell ya that at MowCow – safety is always first! We never want any customer to feel unsafe around their own home. Also, the last thing we want you to do is worry that this is irreversible damage.

The reason your lawn turns white is weed control

Our weed control product Tenacity can turn parts of your lawn white when it kills weeds. Once the application is down, the foliage of treated weeds will turn white (loss of chlorophyll) and eventually die. There’s no need to worry. Your lawn didn’t die, it’s the weeds. When those dead weeds are removed, you’ll see green grass.

The weeds may take up to three weeks to completely die. Over that time the weeds will turn white. If you have particularly tough weeds then a second application may be required for additional weed control.

Grass turned white after weed control We do not recommend pulling up any shriveling weeds.

Pulling weeds out when they turn white, but before the weeds are completely dead then the Tenacity won’t reach the roots of the weeds to kill them and they could come back. With the treatment and the cold weather sticking around, those weeds will disappear before you know it. This is all part of your lawn plan.

Lawns are the pride and joy of any homeowner. If you’re noticing that your lawn is showing some whitening, don’t worry! This means the product is working its magic on reducing weeds in order to make way for lush greenery like never before – which will not only look beautiful but healthy and vibrant.

White patches on your lawn at this time of year are nothing to worry about

If you’re experiencing any lawn issues, please reach out to our customer support and let us know right away.

Here’s to a greener 2021!

Why did my lawn turn white after a treatment


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