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Carefree Mowing

Annual Lawn Mowing Service at a lower, flat rate

"Udderly Dependable" Lawn Mowng Service by MowCow Lawn & Landscape

You don’t have to worry about a thing with MowCow’s Carefree Mowing Plan. Your lawn will always look neat and groomed, even when you’re out of town or on vacation. We never rest because we know that all your hard work deserves a reward like this: Our weekly mowing service runs through early November, so grab your chance at one of our annual savings offers! Get unlimited cuts when you need them—at no extra cost—and receive the same bill every month. Treat yourself with the best self-care in town.

Green grass from mowing and lawn care in front of mulch beds
Walking cow going to mow

Carefree Lawn Mowing Plan

Best mowing service in the area, hands down. Carefree mowing is breezy, easy, and well… carefree! Our blades are sharpened daily because nobody likes having to go a week without getting their lawn done properly and beg their neighbor for some trimin’. Plus, we’ll cut at your optimal mowing height so you get that clean-cut look on your grass every time. 

cow pointing up to tall tree

Same Bill Every Month

Sometimes there are five Fridays in a month (although most of us think there are just four) and its not just Fridays. This makes monthly “by the cut” bills inconsistent.

With a flat payment you’ll pay the same amount every month.

Lawn care and lawn mowing front yard in Burke
Grass cut in the front yard
Cow sitting getting ready to mulch

No Charge for Extra Cuts

You get the same quality of lawn mowing, but you don’t pay a dime for any extra cuts! What’s not to love about that? You’ll still have great coverage without breaking your budget. And while we’re at it, we’ll give you free service calls when the old mother nature interferes with your grass cutting day (or vice versa). You didn’t think we were going to leave things up to chance did ya?

Cow laying down before big landscape project

Fall light Leaf Removal

Included in your Carefree Mowing Plan, we perform a “light leaf removal” service on your final mowing of the season. This consists of blowing leaves from your lawn into your garden beds or into your woodline. It’s far from a full Leaf Removal, but nevertheless, your lawn is shaped up one last time before the big leaf drop.

Full growing lawn getting larger

What if your LAWN

brought you the calmness you deserve?

Our Lawn Care techs have the ability and knowhow for a complete lawn health experience. We can diagnose disease and insect activity on your lawn and plants. Our customer’s properties stand out from their neighbors and we would like the opportunity to do the same for yours.