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About MowCow

Friendly Folks providing "Udderly Dependable" Service Since 1986

A leader in Organic lawn approaches
in Northern virginia

MowCow is a full-service lawn and landscape company who serves the Burke, VA area for over 35 years. If you’re like most homeowners in this area, your lawn should be a source of pride. We take care of all of your yard needs from mowing to edging and everything in between. We offer reliable, dependable landscaping services at competitive rates with no hidden fees.

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The MowCow Team

Meet our team members! Since 1986, we’ve handpicked friendly folks to provide you excellent lawn care service from beginning to end. Take a few moments to meet our talented team.

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Client Testimonials

It’s no surprise that MowCow takes pride in our client testimonials! From yard maintenance to beautification, we strive to provide the best service for our “herd” members. If you give us the opportunity, we’ll make your yard or pasture into a thriving garden! 

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Community Outreach

Meet MowCow: we love the company and community!  We love to meet our community and do good things, whether it’s communicating the importance of lawn health or saving the bay. Come out to one of our gatherings in person or virtual. Who knows who you’ll meet?  We’re always happy to set up an event with our team members here at MowCow HQ; our landscape designer, horticulturist, and especially our Environmental Scientist, Cindy Smith, phD.

What if your LAWN

brought you the calmness you deserve?

Our Lawn Care techs have the ability and knowhow for a complete lawn health experience. We can diagnose disease and insect activity on your lawn and plants. Our customer’s properties stand out from their neighbors and we would like the opportunity to do the same for yours.

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