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Friendly folks providing "Udderly Dependable" services since 1986.

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Since 1986, MowCow has been providing “Udderly Dependable”™ service to folks in the Northern Virginia area. We are proud to offer neighborly customer care, and execute high-end, professional yard maintenance and services.

In our area, storm water drains from local streams into the Potomac River and into the Chesapeake Bay. We offer Save the Bay Options because we’re concerned about the Bay, especially nutrients and sediment that may run off your lawn. We want to make your life easier by responsibly handling all of your lawn and landscape maintenance needs.

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Robb Boutelle > Lawn & Landscape Specialist
Before joining MowCow over 15 years ago, Robb spent 4 ½ years in the United States Marine Corp training officers on wire guided missile systems. That attention to detail and ability to explain and teach has served him well as a large part of successful Turf Care is helping customers to understand the decisions that need to be made for their particular turf.

When asked what differentiates him from others in the turf care field, Robb simply summed it up with “trust”. As someone who enjoys working outside, Robb uses his own yard as a testing ground. Before recommending that something be used, he prefers to have tried it himself or to have seen it used successfully somewhere else. When he does suggest something new, you can bet that he’s basing that on years of experience helping him to make an informed recommendation.

Robb spends his free time gardening, swimming, and jogging. With daylight hours spent on customer lawns, he’s even devised an Iron Man style light that allows him to get his jogging in safely at night (no laser though).

Robb’s family time is spent either hanging out at the house or attending activities with his wife and two kids. He coaches wrestling and baseball for them as well.

When asked what music concert he’d like to attend if given the chance, he said “Kid Rock, but my wife would probably pick Beyonce.

Heather Rorrer > Landscape Specialist
Heather is our lead Landscape Designer and self-proclaimed “plant fanatic” (she even dreams in flower colors!). Her environmentalist approach has helped our clients enhance their home’s curb appeal while solving landscape and drainage challenges so they can enjoy all their outdoor spaces. Native plants and pollinator favorites are routinely featured in her designs.

Homeowners and realtors routinely request Heather come out to ‘stage’ yards where she preps outdoor spaces for open houses, home sales and yard parties. As a planter pot magician, she routinely transforms ho-hum yards into floral eye-candy.

Heather’s family truly has MowCow heart. Her grandmother was a Master Gardener, her sister an orchid specialist and her husband Pedro has been with MowCow for 14 years. Her three kids even think their black and white Akita puppy, Osa, resembles a miniature cow.

Richard Linsday > Founder/President
Rick is our Founder and President. With over 27 years of experience, Rick still visits properties and works closely with many of our customers. He is a proponent of practical environmentalism which helped usher in GrowCow’s Mooganix.

Rick has a son in college and another who will be there soon. He and his wife Cindy, our staff environmental scientist (and professor), enjoy spending time in the yard working on gardens, flower beds, and trees. Although, Cindy would tell you that he enjoys spending time at his grill even more!

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