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Welcome to our learning center

At the Cow, we want to make sure we can steer folks we help to a place of lawn and landscape learning. Our experts regularly update MowCow University with industry knowledge about all things that affect your yard.

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MowCow Blog

Our regular tips and tricks and “did you knows” written by our lawn and landscape experts. Feel free to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to have these delivered directly to your inbox.

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Lawn & Landscape Videos

Have you ever had your head in the clouds when it’s time to mow the yard? Confused about if you need that miracle weed killer or not, but think maybe you should? Felt burdened by an overwhelming array of products and services for landscaping your house, with no idea what to do next? Well MowCow is here for all of your outdoor needs! We’re a community for folks who want to learn more about mowing yards and landscaping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our living data base of FAQs. We’ll continue to feed answers as long as you keep asking questions.

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Ask the experts

Have a question you’ve recently stumbled upon or always wanted to know? Here’s your chance to ask your local lawn expert. Perhaps we’ll turn your question into a video, add to our FAQs, or both!

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Our Lawn Care techs have the ability and knowhow for a complete lawn health experience. We can diagnose disease and insect activity on your lawn and plants. Our customer’s properties stand out from their neighbors and we would like the opportunity to do the same for yours.

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