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The Best Organic approach in Northern Virginia

Lawn Nutrition by MowCow Lawn & Landscape

Our living lawn care product is an organic based bio-stimulant. MowCow provides “better, greener, organic based lawn care” for you, your pets and the environment. Through consistent product research, testing and feedback from clients, our lawn nutrition team selects the best natural products for Northern Virginia lawns to enhance soil health and soil biology.

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Our Lawn Nutrition Treatments

Our GrowCow lawn nutrition treatments are chock-full of active bio-stimulants. These ingredients liven up the microbes in your soil that naturally promote a vibrant, lush green lawn. Our lawn nutrition not only provides nutrients to your turf it also kickstarts beneficial soil microbes that boost nutrient uptake naturally.

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100% Plant-Based Bio-stimulant

Our product integrates composted plant products, and ingredients like molasses and yeast to feed our live biology. There are no human or animal products in our nutrition. Green products-green practices-green lawns.

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Protect Waterways & the Bay

We know that excess fertilizer can run off lawns during storms and flow into local streams and onto the Bay. Our commitment to protecting the Bay stands true in our lawn care programs.

When nitrogen and phosphorus, the prime nutrients found in most traditional lawn fertilizers, end up in the Chesapeake Bay, it can lead to algae blooms and dead zones.

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Bio-Nutritional Lawn Nutrition Treatments

Early Spring Treatments

Bio-Nutritional Rejuvenator

Our early spring nutrition is the first nutrition treatment of the season. This application of nutrients—such as molasses and yeast—feed the microbes in your soil, revving up the engine of your lawn’s ecosystem. Paired with Crabgrass Pre-emergent.

LATE Spring Treatments

Bio-Nutritional Root Feeding

The party is on in your lawn! At this point, microbial life in your lawn is thriving from your first treatment. This reinforcing bio-nutritional fertilization treatment keeps the party going. Moreover, this product has a natural insect suppression effect. Paired with Weed Control that targets late spring weeds. Season-Long Grub Control is typically applied at the same time if it’s in your program.

Early summer Treatments

Spoon-Fed Lawn Nutrition Supplement

This treatment helps prepare your grass for the hotter months. The product has a boost in natural disease suppression. Paired with Weed Control that targets early summer weeds.

LATE SUMMER Treatments

Bio-Nuritional Lawn Optimizer + Sea Kelp Extract

For this wonderful treatment, we mix in organic sea kelp extract into our nutritional blend. This helps increase disease and stress resistance while increasing turf size. Perfectly paired with Aeration & Seeding. Not to mention, we apply a “Seed Safe” weed control—friendly to your newly spread seed. Remember to water!

Early Fall Treatments

Heat Stress Recovery + Beneficial Nutrients

After long, hot days when soil dry out and grass browns, organic nutrition is critical. This treatment helps dampen the affect of summer’s harsh conditions, keeping the microbes in your soil fed and stimulated. Perfect for ushering in the cool, fall weather.

LATE Fall Treatments

Bio-Nutritional Root Feeding + Winter Soil Stimulants

At this time of year, our MowCow lawns appear with a lush,  blue-green color. Our unique plant based blend is designed to stimulate root growth during the winter months to give your grass a quicker, greener “pop” in the spring.

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Our Lawn Care techs have the ability and knowhow for a complete lawn health experience. We can diagnose disease and insect activity on your lawn and plants. Our customer’s properties stand out from their neighbors and we would like the opportunity to do the same for yours.

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