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Let’s fix your lawn this fall with Aeration & Seeding!

Great lawn after aeration & seedingNorthern Virginia is notorious for tightly packed clay soils. Roots have difficulty growing in dense soil and water penetrates very slowly. The result: poor air circulation and stunted growth. Aeration & Seeding is the solution!

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Top 10 Reasons to Aerate and Seed, Pronto!

Cracked ground with grass seed sprouting from aeration

Boost your lawn’s growth with an autumn aeration and seeding! As fall approaches, grass roots spread and flourish. If you’d like to have a lush, thick lawn for spring,…

September 19, 2016Aeration Seeding

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High Heat & Humidity Impact on Lawns

Lawn needs more water

Heat and humidity will have some negative effects on your lawn. Why? In Northern Virginia the turf grasses in most lawns are “cool season” grasses, a name that reflects…

August 18, 2016Uncategorized

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What’s this fern-like Weed?


The excessive spring rain in Northern Virginia has lead to dramatic weed growth. A freshly pulled Queen Anne’s Lace weed This spring, we’ve hit the jackpot on steady soaking…

May 23, 2016Lawn Care Nature

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5 Misconceptions about Lawn Renovation

Happy face mowed in lawn after lawn renovation

I have to rototill my lawn to make it grow better While rototilling your lawn can help level out very uneven soil and open up air spaces, it is…

August 19, 2015Lawn Care

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