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Check out what makes MowCow’s lawn care nutrition different. Our local, licensed lawn technicians can give you the green grass and healthy soil you deserve.

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Beautify your yard with a Landscape Project

beautiful clean-up and mulch with landscape design

Beautiful Landscape Design

Landscaping offers you a “home”. The colors, smells and feeling of a new yard does measures for your peace of mind. Have you imagined your landscape yet? Let’s talk!

hardscaping pavers on patio with plantings

Stunning Patios & Walkways

If you’re looking for a clean, gorgeous patio or walkway that compliments your yard, MowCow’s highly skilled hardscapers can slap some taste onto your property! Even more, we build relationships with our clients, so call us any time about your project!

Gorgeous yard with MowCow's Clean-Up and Mulch

Clean-Up & Mulch

First of all, we use chestnut brown mulch, genuine shredded hardwood bark from the highlands of Virginia because it holds its color much longer. We do not use any stump grindings, limb chip or wood chip mulch.

Beautiful grass from our lawn care nutrition

MowCow makes happy lawns in Northern Virginia with our unique GrowCow Lawn Care Nutrition Programs.

Our GrowCow lawn care nutrition programs stimulate soil microbes with fresh organics. What does this mean? We help make nutrients available to your grass. The best part is you’ll take part in practical environmentalism. Here’s why:

Traditional lawn care programs feed synthetic fertilizers to grass. That isn’t the natural diet for your grass! As a result, that old approach lowers the chance of your grass picking up those nutrients over time. Our goal is to radically reduce the number of chemicals used to promote healthy lawns. With that said, we maintain our safe practices to protect local streams and the Bay. Healthy soil is the key to healthy turf!

Now is the time to fix your lawn.

Businesses for the Bay — Current Lawn Care practices

Staying in touch with local streams and loving the Bay

MowCow is officially recognized as an Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay – Businesses for the Bay Gold Founding Member!

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We apply the right amount of lawn nutrition treatments

We are a low-nutrient applicator! Our technicians only apply what is needed when it’s needed. Furthermore, our team is always researching the latest organic-based mixtures. That way we can stay on top of current local soil conditions.

Our MowCow truck visiting client's lawn

Meet with our soil health management experts

Have questions about your turf? Not quite sure where to start? Give us a call and schedule a walk-through of your property with a soil health specialist. We love fixing soil conditions so you can start to love your lawn!

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Businesses for the Bay — Current Lawn Care practices
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