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Matted leaves in your yard? Take it from us, you don’t want your lawn to be in the condition for too long!

Don’t let your gutters weigh you down
MowCow has cleaned gutters systems for years. We are fully equipped and trained to flush out your gutters. Call today!

We offer Irrigation Closings
Our pro’s can winterize your irrigation system to prevent damages lines. Learn more about this important service.

MowCow’s popular leaf removal service is cleaning up Northern Virginian lawns

Year after year, our clients sign up for leaf removal service. Our seasoned crews use the best walk behind leaf blowers (see it in action on the video above.) We can vacuum up all of your leaves with our gigantic leaf trucks, or we can blow it all into the woods. Either way, we can have your property clean in a zip so you can enjoy this crisp fall season.

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Clean-Up & Mulch changes properties

Do you always wish you had a giant reset button for your landscape beds?

Our landscape investment specialist makes it easy for you to see what your backyard should be.

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Beautiful patios and walkways

If you’re looking for a clean, gorgeous patio that compliments your yard, MowCow’s highly skilled hardscapers can slap some taste onto your property!

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Irrigation System Installation

We can create a money saving, grass investment irrigation system that makes your life way easier. Plus, we can maintain your system throughout the growing season.

Learn how we’ll help keep your grass hydrated

“Udderly Dependable” lawn services provided by friendly folks since 1986

MowCow is your neighborly one source yard maintenance company servicing Northern Virginia. You might have seen our spotted trucks driving around Fairfax and Prince William counties. Due to our robust mowing routes, we are sure to maintain our state of the art mowers and trimmers. Our landscape specialists are fully trained for expert mulching, pruning trees and trimming shrubs in your outdoor living spaces.

Additionally, we hold our heads high for our organic GrowCow lawn care nutrition programs. Due to our treatments highly consisting of organic ingredients, we are looking out for our local streams and the Chesapeake Bay! We apply the lowest rate of pesticide and nitrogen use in the area!

MowCow's mascot, Bester, being a Lawn Mower

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