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Tree and Shrub Pruning in Burke, VA

Artfully Trim shoots and branches

Tree and Shrub Pruning Service by MowCow Lawn & Landscape

With MowCow’s shrub pruning service, you’ll be able to make the most of your precious outdoor space by keeping it well cared for and looking great. It’s worth taking care of the trees and bushes; they’re not going to take care of themselves. So, give them a little nip here, tuck in that branch there … all with the help of our licensed gardeners who are experts at making sure your landscaping work will last. Trust us – this is one thing that shouldn’t be taken lightly!

tree and shrub pruning in burke va
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Ornamental Tree Pruning

Do you own shrubs that are only told in story of legend and not sure who to call for a trim? MowCow is the company you can call upon—we wield hedge trimmers and loppers with mastery; it’s not magic, just old-fashioned discipline. 

We offer seasonal care–they’ll come out in the spring to start it off right and they’ll visit again in the summer and fall depending on what kind of plant’s needs there happen to be. We hope we’ll be your favorite locals – no matter what size yard you have. With MowCow Tree and shrub pruning, we can trim most any plant in the shortest amount of time possible!

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Why is it beneficial to trim your plants?

No one likes a shaggy hedge, especially when it blocks our view of what’s on the other side. For us homeowners, trimmers are simply a necessary part of life. Check out the benefits of trimming your trees and shrubs:

Hand pruning bush
Pruning hedges

Why choose MowCow?

MowCow’s actually a hidden gem of a landscaping service. Even if your lawn mowing and exterior maintenance has been going alright, it may be time to spruce up the landscape with some pruning from our expert team! We have been providing ornamental shrub care since 1986 and have amassed an impressive résumé consisting of clients from all over Prince William and Fairfax counties. In fact, we’ve served so many happy customers that we rode waves of success as high as five-star ratings on Google



Landscaping offers you a “home”. The colors, smells and feeling that come out of a well-kempt yard does measures for your peace of mind. With the experience and workmanship that goes into every individual property, we strive to beat your expectations.

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