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Weed Control by GrowCow Lawn Care

GrowCow Weed Control treatments will leave your greens a beautiful, bright green before the summer has begun. Are you ready to check off those lawn care boxes? Now is the time because weeds can take over in a hurry and ruin that picture-perfect yard. All we need is one of our techs to come by and set up an appointment with you. GrowCow Specialists are highly trained in weed identification which means they know their stuff when it comes to these pesky plants!

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Broadleaf Weed Control

GrowCow’s liquid weed control for broadleaf weeds is “life changing on a bare, dead lawn”. We know all about what it takes to kill those tough broadleaf weeds that have been plaguing your otherwise well-manicured yard. This breakthrough product releases natural botanical substances which cling to the leaves of the weed and prevents them from reproducing or growing new shoots in your turfgrass. This product will do wonders for your misery with one time application!

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Crabgrass weed control preemergent

Good morning! Your lawn is beautiful this time of year. Looks like you’ve given it plenty of TLC, but still have crabgrass lurking in the corner. I know how frustrating that can be, but don’t worry because you’re not alone and there’s no shame in killing pesky little crabgrass with a GrowCow pre-emergent treatment. This product stops crabgrass seedlings BEFORE they even have a chance to grow by sinking into your soil to prevent all those wacky weed seeds from growing for uparound two years. Give our neighbors down the street some advice next time you see them struggling with crabgrass.

Crabgrass weed control
Nutsedge Weed Control

Nutsedge Weed Control

What’s this? A sedge we have a handle on. While nutsedge is perennial, it’s not bad news yet – just take note of the telltale signs for GrowCow. Got yellow-green leaves? Yep, that’s your yard doing all the pottying in there and you might want to pull up some weeds passel quick before they make themselves right at home – now does a neighborly deed go unnoticed when you’re using GrowCow nutsedge weed control made from mint plants and citronella flowers born to be nasty to pesky visitors of the pandemic pasture.

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Tons of weed control firepower

GrowCow weed control treatments are what the doctor ordered for your lawn. Simply add this product to an existing lawn care program and our techs will take care of all those pesky weeds that you see in your yard when you turn on the sprinkler or just walk out into it like a vegetable patch. We’ve got lots of experience with these weed boogers and we know they won’t stop coming back until we get rid of them for good. So, give us a call at GrowCow today!

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Our Lawn Care techs have the ability and knowhow for a complete lawn health experience. We can diagnose disease and insect activity on your lawn and plants. Our customer’s properties stand out from their neighbors and we would like the opportunity to do the same for yours.

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