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Landscape Upkeep

Regular landscape maintenance by MowCow

Start your bi-weekly landscape maintenance plan with MowCow today!

We all know what it’s like coming home from a long day. Landscape beds over grown with weeds and random plants. Hedges out of control. The thought popping in our minds, “Boy, it’d be great if I could have this mess stay away.” Well, MowCow has the answer—the Landscape Upkeep Plan.

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Landscape Upkeep Plan

MowCow offers a maintenance plan for your landscape beds and manicuring of plants. We only perform light clipping of a stray shoot or two. In combination with a clean-up & mulch, landscape upkeep continues the newly established beauty of your yard until the end of the season.

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Prioritize Your "To-Do" List

Hand pulling the weeds in your landscape beds is our standard focus on the Landscape Upkeep plan. After that, performing light pruning on your shrubs and bushes. However, if you have a different priority, let us know which services are most important to start with. We’ll keep the property clean and trim for the entire growing season.

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Pick Blocks of Time

1 Block = 15 minutes. Landscape Upkeep costs are easy on your expectations. Need more time due to larger garden beds or an unusually quick growth environment? Add more blocks of time to your schedule.


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Choose Frequency of Visits

Speaking of persistence in growth, maybe bi-weekly isn’t soon enough. Or maybe bi-weekly is too frequent. Maybe you need to wait an extra week to clip your Japanese maple. Better yet, who knows at the beginning of the season? You can dial back or add on any time you notice the plan doesn’t fit your yard.

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Landscaping offers you a “home”. The colors, smells and feeling that come out of a well-kempt yard does measures for your peace of mind. With the experience and workmanship that goes into every individual property, we strive to beat your expectations.

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