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Yard Clean Up and Mulch in Burke, VA

It's like hitting a reset button on your yard

The transformative Clean-Up & Mulch by MowCow

If your shrubbery is looking a little too wild, unmanageable, or just downright overgrown–allow the experts at MowCow to take care of it for you. We’ve got all sorts of mulch–gorgeous brown mulches that are insect-free so they are safe for pets and kids alike. All debris including twigs, branches, leaves, acorns, pine cones will be removed from landscaped beds which makes them pop out against your lawn beautifully! Hit that reset button–get your Clean-Up & Mulch.

yard clean up in burke va
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Our Gorgeous Mulch

Our chestnut brown mulch, genuine shredded hardwood bark comes from the highlands of Virginia. Our mulch naturally holds its color much longer than bagged products. We do not use any stump grindings, limb chip or wood chip mulch. And most importantly, all of our mulch is insect-free. We also offer different styles and colors.

Mulch is spread in all your beds so it lays nice and smooth. Our mulch frames your home beautifully with rich, earth tones.

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Landscape Clean-Up

Our team has decades of experience in maintaining beautiful lawns across Fairfax and Prince William county. We’ll sweep through your property like tumbleweeds blown through town. Our experts remove twigs or leaves from bushes. No debris hanging around an ample holiday feast; no worries about prepping for BBQs; just perfectly groomed landscape beds so both humans and animals can sit back on the green grass again at family hangouts!

Landscape bed clean up
Mulched landscape beds

Hand Weeding

Pulling weeds by hand is our specialty! If the weeds are taking over your landscape beds, let’s put it in your clean-up & mulch. You won’t even know they were there, as all root mass will be cleared out of the area right before we leave! We’re happy to help you get back that beautiful garden. 

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Shrub Pruning

MowCow’s shrub pruning service is a gardener’s best friend. You can’t stop a branch from growing, but you can choose not to let it take over by trimming them back on your own or letting MowCow do it for you. We’ll help get rid of that bothersome undergrowth, giving you more room to create a beautiful oasis! 

shrub pruning in mulched landscape beds
clean up and mulch back yard with edging and landscape design

Definition Edging

Get a noticeable increase of curb appeal with including definition landscape edging service. We’ll get new crisp edges, framing your property and making it look brand new! With 100% organic mulch, we’re the clear choice in getting that green thumb you’ve been dreaming of. Relax while MowCow does it all for you – right down to the last detail.

See our before & afters

Before Clean Up and Mulch After Clean Up and Mulch
Clean up and mulch before Clean up and mulch after
Clean up and mulch before Clean up and mulch after

Starting the beautification process

with your project consultant

The Visit

Typically, the way the estimating process begins is an On Property Call which allows us to give you the fastest turn around of your estimate. You don’t even have to be home when we swing by. Your salesperson can walk your property while discussing your project needs.

The Specialist

When our specialist arrives at your property, we give you a call to see if there’s anything you want us to be aware of or to pay special attention to.


It also gives us a chance to ask you any questions we might have. Once our specialist has finished the estimate, they’ll send it to you via email.


We also offer in-person meetings that allow you to walk the property with our specialist.


If Your yard brought you calmness

Landscaping offers you a “home”. The colors, smells and feeling that come out of a well-kempt yard does measures for your peace of mind. With the experience and workmanship that goes into every individual property, we strive to beat your expectations.