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Drainage Installation in Burke, VA

Erosion fixes with style, Beauty, and utility

Drainage Fixes by MowCow

One of the most common landscape problems is when water pools in the backyard. You may have a slope where rainwater has no where to go, or erosion issues at the base of a tree. We have decades of experience fixing this issues and creating something beautiful.

drainage installation in burke va
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Drainage Installation

From erosion on a hill to big puddles that gather, we have a multitude of solutions to resolve drainage issues on your property. More over, we have gorgeous materials, such as river rock in combination with water-loving plantings to bring earthiness and texture to your outdoor spaces.

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Dry River Bed

This style of drainage landscaping makes for a eyecatching view. A flow of small stones meandering through your yard. You’ll feel the stress fall off your shoulders each time you see the beauty of natural rock.

drainage fix with river rock and plant installation
French drain installation in progress

French Drains

A simple approach to effectively redirect flowing water away from susceptible areas around your home. We can transform the sides of your driveway or keep your backyard shed dry. Instead of flooding your basement, the water will flow into a trench where a pipe will reroute the woodline.

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Drainage Design

Our drainage landscape designer has the years of horticultural experience to bring depth and flow to your drainage solution. We can adorn the waterway with native, water-loving plants and multi-colored stones—a far cry from a simple black pipe.

Landscape erosion drainage fix against fence

See our before & afters

Drainage Dry River Bed before Drainage Dry River Bed after

What if your yard

brought you the calmness you deserve?

Beautiful landscapes are the sign of a healthy property. We’re not just talking about aesthetics, but we also want to make sure that your yard is protected from any damage and pesky intruders. Our design squad knows how important it is for you to have peace of mind while at home in MowCow, which is why they work together creating breathtaking backdrops with lush greenery surrounding- perfect for lounging in your brand new outdoor space!

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