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4 Signs it’s Time for a New Lawn Care Service, and How to Cancel & Switch In Fairfax, VA

Unfortunately, many lawn care companies don’t prioritize their customers. Whether the frustration with your lawn care company is due to less than desirable results or an increasingly sloppy lawn service, it’s okay to want a change. This post discusses 4 signs that you need a new lawn care service and advice on canceling and switching lawn care companies in Fairfax, VA.

Lack of Trust

It is one of the reasons why many companies in lawn care get a bad rap. It can be frustrating when you hire a lawn care company that constantly delivers poor service. Simple mistakes like not picking up clamped grass or weeds, improper tree care, mowing in one direction, or using too much water can be frustrating.

If it is a one-time incident, we would suggest giving the lawn care company one more chance. However, if you constantly raise the same concerns and feel like no one is listening to you, it’s time to cancel and switch your lawn care company.

Don’t put up with outrageous excuses for why specific tasks were overlooked, especially if nothing ever changes. You deserve a lawn service you can trust to deliver exactly what you need without giving you a runaround.

Lawn Care Company Pulled a Bait and Switch

It’s hard to believe, but some lawn care companies still use shady tactics like the bait and switch. In other words, they hook homeowners with low-priced lawn care packages only to reveal afterward that they don’t offer the services your lawn needs.

It is a disservice to the industry and makes it seem like some lawn care companies quote high prices. The truth is that we believe in being upfront about what you need to make your lawn lush rather than try upselling you on our lawn care services.

While there are exceptions (like an unexpected disease that requires additional treatment), working with a professional weed control company that doesn’t shortcut you from the start is essential.

Poor Communication

One of the top indicators of a professional service is good communication. Do the company reps pick up the phone when you call with a concern? Do they show up when they say they will? 

Clients want to work with landscape companies with a reputation for quality customer services, and this requires reliable communication.

Lawn care services are an investment, and you deserve a partner who can address your concerns. It would help if you didn’t have to track down a lawn care company to consult about possible solutions for your yard or even pay.

Unreliable Lawn Care Services

While incredibly similar to lack of trust, unreliable lawn service is worth mentioning on its own, some homeowners in Fairfax, VA, have dealt with lawn care companies that failed to show up for work. 

Technicians often lack professionalism – they smoke on your property, play loud music, or show up without an official company uniform. Some companies waste money on substandard products and undersell you on services your property needs.

When new customers sign up for a lawn care service, they expect service consistency and desired results, if not a good job. Too much inconsistency detracts from the value of the service.

How to Cancel a Lawn Care Service

The primary reason homeowners hire mowing services in the first place is to achieve a beautiful landscape. However, you are justified to change if you aren’t happy with your lawn care service. But how do you go about canceling and switching lawn companies?

Give the Lawn Service a Chance to Make it Right

It’s always good to exercise professionalism when cutting ties with a lawn service. Even the best lawn companies make mistakes, and as such, it’s worth giving them a chance to make things right. How they handle the errors will show you a lot about how a landscape company cares about its customers.

Some lawn companies will make efforts to rectify their mistake and even offer free services for wronged customers. Unfortunately, others will squander the opportunity with ridiculous excuses. Assuming you’ve given your lawn care service a second chance and are ready to move on, take the following steps below.

Research Lawn Care Companies in Fairfax, VA

It’s essential to explore your options before hiring a new lawn service. Ask for referrals from family and friends, read online reviews, and contact the companies you’re considering and ask any questions you might have. It would be best if you did your research before canceling with the current landscape company.

Consider having the prospective company visit your home and look at your yard or ground. An honest and reliable lawn care service will provide a free consult that includes a walk through your lawn, recommendations on what your lawn might need. Stay away from any company that tries to sell your services on the phone without inspecting your yard. Landscaping is not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, and any company that tells otherwise doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Call and Cancel Your Lawn Care Service

Once you have a replacement weed control service lined up, make the cancellation official. Make the call knowing that the company will fight your decision. Some companies will entice you with discounted or free services to convince you to stay. Remember that you gave the company several chances to make things right. If the company demonstrated poor service quality or customer service, that wouldn’t change just because you’re willing to change for an incentive like saving money.

Make sure you send a follow-up email reiterating the cancellation. You don’t want two lawn services showing up because one of them “forgot” or “refused” to accept the cancellation.

Ready for a New Relationship? Trust Our Lawn Care Services

If you think it’s about to find a new lawn company, we’d love for you to keep Mow Cow in mind. We are a professional weed control service committed to ensuring you and your neighbors’ lawns are beautiful. You can count on us to be honest about your lawn needs, address your concerns, and deliver impeccable results at the best price.

Contact us today to schedule a free consult in Fairfax (VA) and learn more about our lawn care service.

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