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How to Tell if Your Lawn Needs Lime in Fairfax Station, VA

Your lawn is the face of your property. A well-done lawn keeps your property attractive and valuable. However, there comes that irritating moment when you have to struggle with a series of yellowing grasses. You try applying the best fertilizer in your area, but things aren’t just working. This could be a warning sign that lime is everything you’ll require to bring back your lawn to its original shape.

But wait a minute. You don’t just jump to the decision of getting lime as a remedy for your lawn problems. You need to perform a thorough pH test on your soil to establish if it is too acidic. Remember, overly acidic conditions will never favor the growth of the beautiful grasses. So before making another hefty investment in weed killers and fertilizers, it is always a great idea to assess if the time for lime treatment has come.

If you are looking for help in this soil pH matter, and require assistance in conducting the soil test, then reach out to us at Mowcow today. We are pleased to work with you on understanding how much lime you might need for your soil. If you are concerned about how much lime you require or if it is necessary in the first place, then reach out to us today.

We can certainly help with your soil test, with your acidic soil, and other relevant matters related to lawn grasses. Our lawn grasses professional as Mowcow will implement the right soil testing, add soil amendments, and improve the quality of the soil structure.

Here are the signs that your lawn needs lime treatment. Let’s find out more about different types of grasses and the type of lawn care that matters.

Yellowing Grasses

Well, specks of yellow grasses could be a clear sign that you need to apply lime on your lawn. Remember, most lawn grasses will grow well in soils with a pH level ranging between 5.8 and 7. Anything below 5.8 will be highly acidic and will hinder the effective microbial activity of your lawn grasses. Similarly, your lawn grasses will not absorb nutrients as required at an acidic pH.

Fertilizers Don’t Yield Results.

Fertilizer will be the first thing to come to your mind when you realize that your lawns are frail or sickly. Naturally, as a lawn enthusiast, you have the zeal to feed the plants with nutrients to minimize stunts. However, a time comes when you realize that your fertilization efforts aren’t yielding any effective results.

Well, fertilizers will never help if you are dealing with overly acidic soils. Instead, over-fertilization will increase the acidity of the soil and inhibit the lawn plants from absorbing the proper nutrients. This could be a clear warning sign that you must apply lime to your lawn.

The truth is that soil acidity and lawn care matters do not come easily. Your grass plants will require a certain level of care that will likely necessitate the efforts of professional lawn care teams who understand soil testing, cool-season grasses, and the value of pelletized lime. Whether you have lawn lime questions or general lawn care questions, our professionals at Mowcow are here to help you.

The Weed Problem and Lawn Care

Many weed species grow well in acidic conditions. However, weeds like dandelions will thrive in soil with extreme acidity. What are the odds of that, right? Who would have thought that these unfortunate visitors in your yard would thrive in these conditions?

But now that you know, you must make sure to take action and move forward with it.

It might be the time to lime your lawn and push out these unwanted visitors when you start noticing an increase in the population of weeds.

Is your soil clay or sandy?

Remember, sandy and clay soils are naturally more acidic than loamy soils. While clay soils have an acidic character, sandy soils encourage runoffs and erode pH balancing elements and calcium from the soil. Therefore, there could be every reason to give your lawn a lime treatment if you built it on a bed containing any of these soil types.

Increased Moss Growth and Acidic Soil

Just like the dandelion weeds, mosses thrive in acidic environments. So take time to check at the base of the trees and other moist areas of the lawn (these are the areas where molds like hiding). Your lawn could be in deep need of a lime treatment if you realize the sign of molds in these or other regions.

Did you experience excessive rainfall in your area?

Indeed, your lawn could be in dire need of lime treatment if your area experienced excessive rainfall in the recent past. Remember, the massive amounts of water associated with rainfall will pull magnesium and calcium, resulting in an increase in acidity levels. It would be a great idea to add lime to your lawns any time you experience intense weather patterns in your area.

Previous Intense Drought

A well-maintained lawn will remain strong even with an increase in acidity levels. However, a period of intense heat could limit your yard from bouncing back to its original state if it is coupled with acidic soil conditions. This could be a clear sign that your lawn requires a proper lime injection.

Remember that as much as your grasses will need extra nutrients in the drought recovery session, acidic conditions could do a lot of harm as they’ll choke the grasses. It could be a great idea to prepare a proper lime treatment in the fall if your lawn starts showing warning signs in summer.

The Value of Lime

Lime treatment could be everything you’ll need for a yellowing lawn or a lawn that is infested with weeds. Always be keen to check for these seven warning signs as they could be clear indicators that lime treatment is needed for your lawn. However, it would help if you were keen to do a pH test before moving to the treatment.

Work with Mowcow To Apply Lime

If you require help and assistance with your soil, reach out to Mowcow today. We understand the value of a soil test and have extensive experience with soil pH. We pride ourselves on offering the best lawn care services in Northern Virginia. Whether you are looking for a soil test and soil pH help or whether you are looking for lawn care, lawn mowing, and general landscaping help, our professionals are here to help.

We can see what the soil test shows, strive for healthy grass, and provide what your lawn needs to thrive.

Contact us today for soil amendment, plant nutrients, soil tests, organic matter infusions, and more!

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