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New Video: Mirimichi Green: Part of the MowCow Lawn Rescue Program

Mirimichi Green: Part of the MowCow Lawn Rescue Program

You can’t just use any fertilizer and expect to get outstanding results. At MowCow we partner with the leaders in lawn care to provide the best solutions for our herd members.

One of our partners is Mirimichi Green, in this video Richard Linsday talks about how we work with Mirimichi to deliver the best to our clients.

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MowCow is Northern Virginia’s Premier Organic Based Lawn Care Company. Providing “Udderly” Dependable Lawn Services since 1986. We are your neighborly one source lawn maintenance company. Keep an eye out for our trucks in your area.

MowCow makes happy lawns in Northern Virginia with our unique GrowCow Lawn Care Nutrition Programs.
Our GrowCow lawn care nutrition programs stimulate soil microbes with fresh organics. What does this mean? We help make nutrients available to your grass. The best part is you’ll take part in practical environmentalism. Here’s why:

Traditional lawn care programs feed synthetic fertilizers to grass. That isn’t the natural diet for your grass! As a result, that old approach lowers the chance your grass to pick up those nutrients over time. Our goal is to radically reduce the number of chemicals used to promote healthy lawns. With that said, we maintain our safe practices to protect local streams and the Bay. Healthy soil is the key to healthy turf!

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