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Why Fall is a Crucial Time for Lawn Care in Fairfax, VA

As soon as the fall season starts in Virginia, the areas around Fairfax County turn into a picturesque celebration of autumn foliage. From magnificent reds to splendid golds, the Old Dominion offers the fall aesthetic in all its glory. 

In addition to encouraging fun fall activities, these visuals also call for exceptional lawn care measures. Since the region’s weather generally revolves around hot summers and cold winters, fall gives you the ideal season to set up your ideal lawn. 

Due to this reason, fall stands out as a crucial time for lawn care in Fairfax, VA. Whether you have a large front lawn or a charming backyard, taking care of your turf during this time ensures a beautiful lawn throughout other seasons. 

Since 1986, MowCow has been providing “Udderly Dependable”™ service to folks in the Northern Virginia area. We are proud to offer neighborly customer care and execute high-end professional yard maintenance and services.

In our area, stormwater drains from local streams into the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. We offer to Save the Bay Options because we’re concerned about the Bay, especially nutrients and sediment that may run off your lawn. We want to make your life easier by responsibly handling all of your lawn and landscape maintenance needs.

If you are looking for help with these activities, reach out to us for your lawn care needs in Northern Virginia today. We are pleased to address your lawn needs in Northern Virginia. 

But remember that we are not merely there for you on the hot days of the summer. We are there for your lawn needs year-round. Whether you need help in the summer, spring, fall, or winter, you can be sure that our team is there to ensure that your lawn will stay as beautiful as possible.

To see why these activities are so important, here’s a lowdown on why fall lawn care is important in Fairfax, VA.

Cool Season Grasses Need Fall Fertilization

Given the hot summers and cold winters of Virginia, turfs do well with cool-season grasses. This is also true for Fairfax, where these grasses hold their own against different seasons. Cool-season grasses are also known for thriving during spring and fall, which only adds to the overall benefits that they bring to the table.

You can choose from a variety of cool-season grasses that include but are not limited to Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue. These grasses are exceptional for providing year-round performance. However, they need to be fertilized in the fall.

Keeping this in mind, you have to take timely measures to fertilize your cool-season grass during the fall season. You can carry out this process between September and November. For best performance through environmentally friendly approaches, you should move forward with using an organic fertilizer.

Soil Testing is Best Done in the Fall

To use the right amount of fertilizer while also paying attention to other soil additions, you need to know the exact condition of your soil. You can determine this throughout the year with a soil test. But the recommended time to do so is during the fall season. 

It is because when you get your soil test results in the fall, you can take precise actions to adjust the pH level of your soil during the winter ahead. This ensures that you don’t have to put up with a bare-bones lawn during the spring or summer. By the time these seasons arrive, you’re able to enjoy a lush green turf instead. 

These soil tests can be done through easily available kits. But you can also reach out to landscaping or lawn care services in Fairfax, VA to carry out these tests for you. Contacting the soil experts carries the advantage of obtaining a better-informed soil analysis as well.

Pillowing in the Autumn is the Best Option

Tilling refers to the process of deliberately breaking over the soil through physical actions. This may include pillowing, digging, or overturning the soil. This practice allows your lawn to absorb organic matter, prevent weed growth, and steer clear of unhealthy clumps. 

Since the winter season allows the lawn to rest before jumping into action within spring, tilling during fall provides you with the most benefits through this practice. In addition to making your fertilization efforts easier, it also allows you to embrace a healthier lawn once the winter season is over.

Tilling in the fall also saves you from excessively watering your lawn during the following weeks. This once again adds to your benefits of convenience, especially when the reward comes in the form of a lush green lawn in the spring and winter seasons. If you want to avail these benefits of lawn care in Fairfax, VA, don’t pass up the opportunity to till your lawn in the fall.

How Can You Perform Fall Lawn Care in Fairfax, Virginia?

The steps mentioned above regarding testing, fertilizing, and tilling your lawn in the fall season can be a bit difficult to understand at first. If you have never taken care of your lawn before, they can also become pretty stressful pretty fast. 

But to fulfill your crucial lawn care responsibilities, you must carry out all these recommended actions without fail. In case you don’t have an interest in landscaping, lack the required skill, or simply run short of free time, you can look into hiring a professional lawn care service instead. 

At MowCow, our professionals hold extensive experience in delivering reliable lawn care services in Fairfax, VA, and surrounding areas. With our firm grasp on lawn care processes, we can deliver your desired aesthetic value through careful yet effective approaches. 

To see how our services can help you take care of your lawn during the fall season, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today. We will be glad to understand your requirements and match you with the best possible solutions right away.

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