Why Wet Leaves Can Be Bad News for Your Lawn

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It’s the perfect fall afternoon. You’re cuddled up under a blanket with a mug of hot apple cider. You have no worries in the world until… wait a second; you’ve forgotten to clean up your leaves! But surely wet leaves can’t do much more harm than dry leaves, right? Wrong! When leaves become wet, it […]

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Hold On! Don’t Turn Off Your Irrigation System Just Yet.

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It’s almost November, and that means here at MowCow, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about when to shut down your irrigation system. We’d like to offer you our advice in case you may have over-herd any false information! Colder temperatures mean you’ll start breaking out quilts and hot cocoa. You might think that […]

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Promising Results from Lawn Renovation Experiment

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Last fall, we selected a poorly performing lawn to test out a new lawn renovation program. Our full sun test area had very compacted soil and was riddled with bare spots that even weeds would not colonize.  In late October, we divided our test area in half and used a core aerator to break up the compacted clay soil […]

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One Surprising Reason You Have Lawn Weeds

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Ever wonder why weeds routinely show up in the exact same places each spring? One frequently overlooked lawn weed contributor is birds. Different backyard bird species enjoy weed seeds as part of the daily diet. The moist journey through the digestive system can give seeds a boost. Unfortunately (for your lawn), weed seeds survive in birds’ digestive systems. When birds […]

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Wait! You Might Want to Dethatch First

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Lawn after dethatching

Starting a Yard Project? This Task Saves Seeds and Sanity Remove the thatch monster, and your turf will be ready for anything. You’re armed with new seeds, fertilizer, and plans for a fresh new lawn. Little did you know that thatch gobbles all of these up—including your gung-ho confidence. Fortunately, these tips will turn you into […]

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High Heat & Humidity Impact on Lawns

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Lawn needs more water

  Heat and humidity will have some negative effects on your lawn. Why? In Northern Virginia the turf grasses in most lawns are “cool season” grasses, a name that reflects their preference for cooler temperatures. When cool season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescues and perennial ryegrass experience temperatures in the 90’s they stop growing, […]

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Is organic lawn care really better?

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Absolutely. How do we define ‘better‘? Well, if you want a great-looking lawn with less synthetic chemicals, yes, organic-based lawn care is better! At MowCow, we have reduced our synthetic fertilizer usage by 70%! And that’s terrific news for our local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. The Bay is in trouble and when it rains, […]

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Does organic lawn care reduce pesticide use?

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American apply millions of pounds of pesticides to their turf annually in pursuit of the perfect lawn. At MowCow, however, we believe that a healthy soil environment, rather than continued pesticide use, is the best defense against weeds and other turf pests. Our organic-based lawn care product is chocked full of ingredients like molasses and […]

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What is organic lawn care?

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Organic lawn care begins by building up the healthy soil microbial community. Just like rich vegetable garden soil, turf grass also performs exceptionally well in soil packed with nutrients and organic material. Needed nutrients are naturally present in our soils, but typically unavailable to turf grass because the soil is sterile and compacted. Organic lawn […]

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