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Winter Rent-A-Crew Landscaping

Hire your own landscape crew at a flat rate

MowCow will complete your landscape maintenance "to-do" list while you do life.

Hire your personal landscape crew for any yard maintenance needs at a flat rate. We’ll do what we can to knock out the pain spots in your yard within either a full day or half day.

Landscape complete with hired landscape crew
Walking cow going to mow

Rent-A-Crew Landscaping

Give us your list of landscape maintenance needs. Here’s a short list of ideas:

cow pointing up to tall tree

Installing Your Landscape Materials

Have your own bags of mulch hanging out under the deck? Stack of stepping stones waiting to be laid on a path? Have a guy who knows a guy that has some sweet plantings? Rent your own personal landscaping crew and we’ll pull all these materials where they belong.

Rent-a-crew installing landscape mulch materials
Grass cut in the front yard
Cow sitting getting ready to mulch

Structure Removal

Our knowledgeable experts can disassemble structures on your property such as old sheds, unstable decades old swing set, or most structures you find have outlives their purpose on your property.

Cow laying down before big landscape project

Junk Hauling

We have the capability and space to take away your unwanted items. Give our office a call and see if we’ll take away your junk.

Organic flea and tick spray on lawn

What if your LAWN

brought you the calmness you deserve?

Our Lawn Care techs have the ability and knowhow for a complete lawn health experience. We can diagnose disease and insect activity on your lawn and plants. Our customer’s properties stand out from their neighbors and we would like the opportunity to do the same for yours.

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