Winter Special #1


hardscaping pavers on patio with plantings

Have a project in mind that would really make your yard really pop? Now is the BEST time for that project. Here are a few ideas:

+ Install or Repair Patios & Walkways
+ Landscape Design
+ Plantings (Best time of year!)
+ Drainage/Erosion Fixes
+ Retaining Walls

Winter Special #2


Rent your own personal landscape crew for any yard maintenance needs at a flat rate.

Full Day: $890

Half Day: $490

+ Yard Clean-Up
+ Wood Line Clearing
+ Tree Pruning Under 16 ft
+ Debris & Dead Shrub Removal
+ Shrub Trimming
+ย Bamboo/Ivy Removal

Disposal available at an additional rate.

Beautiful lawn by GrowCow lawn care

ALSO: We can remove old swing sets, sheds, and other structures.

Have materials? We can install them!

MowCow's landscape experts provide:
Fresh plantings for our landscape design

Fresh Plantings from Your Local Nurseries

Clean, vibrant and insect free. Our relationship with local plant nurseries allows the flexibility for the best price. We offer a plant warranty in case any unplanned health issues arise.

Beautiful plantings and walkway

Beautiful Landscape Design with Love & Attention

The keen sight it takes to not only make a property look good, but keep it healthy takes years of experience. But it doesn’t stop there. Our design squad works together to make a better MowCow.

Landscaping and hardscaping crew putting together a patio

High Skilled Landscape Crews

Our landscaping crew members have worked with MowCow for several years. With the experience and workmanship that goes into every individual property, we strive to beat your expectations.

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Bester MowCow pruning for a clean-up and mulch