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Why Leaf Removal is Important for the Health of your Lawn in Burke, VA

The fall season is one of the most beautiful times of the year, due in large part to the falling leaves. As the trees shed their leaves, you’ll likely see a flurry of reds, oranges, and yellows falling from the branches overhead. They create a picturesque view and make for great photo opportunities.

However, if you have an abundance of leaf piles in your yard, they won’t be so pleasant to look at.

If you leave them on the ground for too long, they can begin to decompose and create harmful molds or fungi that could pose a danger to you and your family. This is especially true if you have pets or small children playing in your yard regularly.

If left for too long, there is also a risk of fire from excess leaves rotting and decomposing beneath the surface of your lawn or garden. In order to help protect yourself and your home, the best practice is to remove fallen leaves as soon as possible after they begin falling in autumn.

Here are some reasons why you need to remove leaves from your yard:

When to Do Leaf Removal

The best time to remove leaves is in the fall after the leaves have all fallen and before the first frost. It gives you a chance to get rid of all the leaves before they start to decompose and release their nutrients back into the soil.

However, if you wait too long, you risk leaving your lawn vulnerable to disease and pests. If you can’t get around to it this year, ensure that next year’s garden cleanup includes a large bag or two of leaves on top of other yard waste. You can also rake up any that remain and store them until next fall.

You may seek lawn care services if you cannot remove leaves from your lawn. Though it is possible to complete such a task independently, many people find that they do not have sufficient time or energy to accomplish both fall yard work and leaf removal.

In addition, if you don’t feel up to such heavy lifting, hiring leaf removal services can be an excellent option. By searching leaf removal near me, you will find several companies that provide such services.

Benefits of Removing Leaves

Full-service leaf removal has many benefits for the health of your lawn.

It Helps to Prevent Thatch Buildup.

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, leaves, and other organic matter that can block sunlight and prevent water from reaching the roots of your grass. When organic matter builds up, it creates a suitable environment for harmful weeds and pests. And when thatch becomes too thick, you’ll need to have it removed by a professional.

Leaf removal will prevent you from having to spend money on expensive treatments or completely re-sodding your lawn in the future.

Prevents Diseases in Your Lawn

Allowing leaves to collect on top of soil makes it harder for moisture and sunlight to reach grass roots. Dead leaves also create an excellent environment for diseases to grow. Fungus grows faster on dry leaves than it could on wet ones. In general, leaf removal helps with plant disease prevention because dry leaves create poor growing conditions for fungi and bacteria.

Makes Yard Cleaner

Leaves are unsightly and make yards look messy. So not only does removing them make the yard look cleaner, but it also ensures there’s no chance of any rotting leaves getting into your house either.

They’re Beneficial for Animals.

Leaves provide shelter for insects and small animals like mice. Though most of these animals won’t cause harm to your lawn, they eat away its nutrients and seedlings. Plus, leaves may provide food sources for larger pests like rats or possums, burrowing holes into your home to seek more food sources.

It Increases the Efficiency of Water Usage.

Leaves that sit on top of the soil after rain not only reduce air circulation in your lawn but can absorb much-needed moisture as well. The first time rain falls on dried leaves, they will absorb some of the water instead of entering the ground where it should go to nourish your grassroots.

How to Remove the Leaves

You can remove the leaves by raking them up or leaf blowing. Once you have removed all the leaves, you should rake up any left on the ground. The leaves will decompose and create nutrients for your lawn. However, if they are not taken care of properly, they could also become infected with fungus or mold, harming your lawn. Many diseases affect grasses, so it is best to keep leaves away from the grass at all times.

Why Should You Hire a Local Leaf Removal Service?

Lawn maintenance and inspection are crucial to keeping your lawn healthy. You may hire handyman services in leaf removal if you do not have the time or energy to take care of it yourself. The benefits of hiring a leaf removal professional to remove leaves from your green lawn yard include:

  • They will make sure all leaves are removed so there is no chance of mold, fungus, or insect infestation on the ground
  • Lawn service will also rake up any remaining debris after they finish their work, leaving you with a clean lawn at the end of their service. Raking up leaves by hand can lead to back injury and cause undue stress on your body.
  • They will ensure that every last leaf is picked up, which means there’s less chance for insects and fungi to get into your grass.

Hire Leaf Removal Services Today

Leaf removal is an important task to keep your lawn healthy. Removing leaves allows sunlight and air to reach the grass, which helps promote growth. Additionally, leaves can block drainage and lead to disease or insect problems.

If you need help with leaf cleanup service or need assistance from landscaping professionals, make sure to reach out to Mowcow today.

Our team of highly trained lawn care professionals will come to your property and get rid of the fallen leaves from your yard or garden safely and promptly.

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