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Tree – Mendous Partners!

For years, MowCow Lawn and Landscape has supported community environmental efforts.

NVSWCD Education Specialist Ashley Palmer loads donated buckets into the District's truck
NVSWCD Education Specialist Ashley Palmer squeezes 81 donated buckets into the District’s truck

Planting for pollinators is a personal passion of MowCow owners Rick Linsday and his wife Cindy Smith.  They have installed 1000s of flowering plants, shrubs, and trees around their Prince William County home. To expand biodiverse spring plantings across Fairfax County, MowCow is partnering with one of our favorite county agencies, the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District. The District promotes conservation efforts that prevent pollution, reduce runoff and protect our local streams and rivers. They also deliver incredible environmental education programs.

Excellent Partners

Thanks to creative coordination efforts by NVSWCD Education Specialist Ashley Palmer, MowCow donated 81 five-gallon buckets.  The buckets will be used to support the District’s incredibly popular annual tree seedling sale. Their seedling sale opens for orders on March 1st.  They offer bundles of six trees for $15! This is by far, absolutely the BEST deal around.

Why would a landscape company promote discounted trees to their clients?

We believe every yard should have at least one native tree. In addition to landscape benefits like colorful flowers and leaves, trees also provide yard cooling shade and shelter for insects and wildlife. Trees absorb carbon, give off oxygen and hold soil in place during storms. Trees produce food that humans, insects, and wildlife consume.

Benefits of Native Trees 

Oak trees, for example, are known to host over 900 species of moths and butterflies both as larval caterpillars and adults. Delicious, protein-rich chunky caterpillar snacks gleaned from local trees are what most backyard bird parents are dropping into their baby birds’ gaping mouths. If you want to watch families of birds raise their young, installing a tree or two is a great way to kick off your wildlife watching efforts.

If you have room in your yard or want to gift trees to friends, we highly encourage you to sign up for the

NVSWCD 2022 Tree -Mendous Seedling Sale.

Six trees for $15 is the BEST deal around. Trees sell out rapidly, so order early.

NVSWCD Education Specialist Ashley Palmer loads donated buckets into trunk.
NVSWCD Education Specialist Ashley Palmer loads donated buckets.

MowCow is thrilled to be a small part of this big effort to support biodiversity in backyards and front yards.

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