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Snow Removal Services: Why You Need Them

As anyone who lives or works in the Burke, Virginia, area is well-aware, we get a yearly average of about 21-22 inches of snowfall. Although that may be less than other areas of the United States (you never know what you might get with the often unpredictable Colorado winters), it is fairly significant snowfall and can cause major delays and disruptions to your daily life.

Whether you simply need to move your vehicle out of the driveway, want to get to work, or need to ensure that your customers can park in your parking lots, serious snowfall can be a pain. The owners of residential and commercial properties may need to consider hiring a company that can provide snow removal services to their area.

In the Burke, VA, area, the best name in town for snow removal services and snow plowing is MowCow Lawn & Landscaping. During the winter months, landscaping services are not usually in great need, and that is why we also offer our clients residential and commercial snow removal services. We strive to always keep our clients satisfied with the services we offer, including the best snow removal services in Burke!

Why Hire a Professional Snow Removal Service?

When it is the winter season in Burke, Virginia, the classic image of an individual working outside dressed from head to toe is warm clothing with a snow shovel in hand comes to mind. You may also think of a giant snowplow coming down your street to get the snow off of the blacktop and to spread rock salt on the street to melt the ice. What you may not picture is the amount of work it takes to complete commercial and residential snow removal.

Now, imagine walking outside and seeing a freshly shoved driveway, sidewalk, and/or parking lot. You, your family, or your employees do not have to worry about snow shoveling or snow plowing because it is already done for you. That is what you get when you hire snow removal companies such as MowCow Lawn & Landscaping.

When you contact our snow removal company, you will find out everything you need to know about the process and how often the snow removal service is completed. We will put you on our schedule, and you can wake up knowing that you will not have to dig out any snow blowers or break your back shoveling snow. For exceptional snow removal service in the Burke, Virginia, area, contact MowCow Lawn & Landscaping.

Our Residential and Commercial Snow Removal Services

At MowCow Lawn & Landscaping, we offer a few essential snow removal services to both commercial and residential customers. These best snow removal services include:

Snow Plowing

When a heavy blizzard comes to town, it leaves behind piles of snow. That amount of snow simply cannot be shoveled within a reasonable amount of time. For this kind of job, both residential and commercial locations need snow plowing services. At MowCow Lawn & Landscaping, we have trucks with industry-standard, heavy-duty snow plows and salt spreaders that are designed to quickly remove snow from your driveway or parking lots.

Snow Shoveling

Are you sick of breaking your back and sweating in freezing temperatures while shoveling snow in your driveway? Now you do not have to with the snow shoveling service from MowCow Lawn & Landscaping. We are experts at quickly clearing snow and ice so that you can walk outside and get right to business. Call us to find out about our extremely affordable and competitive rates for snow removal.

Ice Melt

Tired of slipping and sliding on the ice that has formed on your driveway, sidewalks, or parking area? You do not need to attach spikes to your shoes to stop them from slipping on ice. All you need to do is hire our snow removal company, and we will be there to spread rock salt. We have more than you could imagine, and we are happy to make sure it gets put to good use at your property during our ice removal services. We can also help you make sure that ice dams are not forming.

Don’t Have Great Snow Removal Equipment? We Do! Call MowCow for Snow Removal Services Today!

If you are the owner of residential or commercial property in Burke, Virginia, and you are tired of dealing with snow and ice removal in your driveway, parking lot, or sidewalk, you may be in need of professional snow shoveling services.

Snow removal companies such as ours at MowCow Lawn & Landscaping have all the equipment, tools, and workers to get rid of snow for our clients and make sure they can get their days started on time. We may be known for our exceptional lawn and landscape services in the Virginia area, but we are also able to provide, snow removal and snow hauling to our clients.

Many snow removal companies may not be able to squeeze new clients into their schedules, but removing snow is still a necessity. That is why we are proud to offer both commercial and residential services. When winter storms have hit Virginia, our customers will not have to worry about snow blowing the driveway. We will be there to provide them with the snow removal service they need at an affordable rate.

When snow events have given your kids a snow day, you will not have to worry about shoveling the driveway before you can enjoy some quality time throwing snowballs and making snow angels in the yard. Put on your snow pants and coat and get ready to have a great time with the kids knowing that your driveway and sidewalk have already been cleared by the experts at MowCow Lawn & Landscaping in Burke, Virginia.

Call us today to learn more about all of our great services and to get a free estimate on our snow removal. We are here to ensure that an ice storm does not completely disrupt your day. Contact us now for more information.

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