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Reasons to consider professional leaf removal services

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The trees in your garden are beautiful. During the fall season, when trees are shedding leaves, this is the moment when leaf removal services are needed. Many homeowners will seek lawn care services during the fall season from local companies.

Why Hire a Leaf Removal Service

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Before you clean up the yard waste, a leaf removal service is essential, and you should investigate the company to get the job done.

Saves time

Collecting leaves regularly during the fall will ensure a clean, healthy-looking lawn. But even with a few trees in your lawn, routine leaf removal can be a tiresome, dreadful chore. Lawncare can slip through the cracks as you struggle to juggle multiple tasks. When you hire a professional leaf removal service, you can focus on important work, or pursue your leisure activities. Tree service professionals can work quickly and complete the work in good time. Not to mention, knowing a professional will handle the leaf removal also gives you peace of mind.

Saves your money

A lot of leaf removal companies offer ad hoc services and extras, not just leaf removal. For an extra fee, their crew can prepare your garden beds, fertilize the lawn, and take care of hedge trimming, in one visit. Not only will their work improve your property’s appearance, but it will ultimately reduce lawncare maintenance costs.

Reliable leaf removal service

Because they’ve been collecting leaves for years, leaf removal services can deliver consistent results season after season. They combine their experience and equipment like leaf blowers to collect fallen leaves in your yard.

Service liability cover

While no specialized licensing is required for leaf removal services, it’s comforting to know that professional services have general liability coverage for both their crew and property owner. Leaf blowing and bagging may be low risks, but employees can get hurt in the line of duty. The liability cover will protect you from lawsuits and lawyers who’d want you to pay for any physical injuries a crew sustained working on your property.

Tips on Hiring a Leaf Removal service

With lots of leaf removal services out there, choosing a top leaf removal service provider can be an uphill task. Every service claims they’re the best in town.

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Do a background check

As a property owner, the first thing you want to do is to research the company. Do a background check on their staff and find out what past customers have to say about their leaf removal services, cost, and professionalism. Due diligence will help you identify the right guys for the job, which means a better outcome for your project.


As with any activity that involves money, it is wise to keep all the records. This will enable you to know when the service was done, what time, who did it, how many hours were spent, and the next visit. In case something goes wrong, you can track down to the last person.

Contractual agreement

Before hiring any tree service company, it is crucial to understand how they work and get everything in writing. The leaf removal service contract will state how often their crew will be cleaning the yard, how many days the cleaning will take, the cost and mode of payment, and the scope of work. Without a contract, you can’t hold anyone to account. It’s always going to be your word versus theirs. By signing a contract, you protect yourself, and can even take legal action should they breach the T&Cs stipulated.

Leaf removal cost

Whether blowing fallen leaves or raking them in your yard, the cost per acre leaf removal costs will vary from one service provider to another. A couple of things will determine how much you’ll pay.

A number of trees: More trees on your lawn, more leaves on the ground. Some trees shed more leaves faster, which means more regular maintenance from a leaf removal service.

 Fall Leaf Removal

Size of the yard: How big is your yard? The larger the yard, the more it will cost to remove leaves. Most lawncare companies charge per acre or by the number and types of trees.

Cleaning method: Bagging and blowing are two common leaf removal methods. Some leaf removal companies will clean up the yard and bag your leaves. Leaf blowing is cheaper, and it doesn’t involve heavy leaf removal equipment. If you live in a neighborhood that controls the removal of leaves, using a leaf blower will be a better option.

Service and maintenance: A property with a large yard and many trees will require frequent leaf removal and lawncare to ensure the yard is clean and attractive. A smaller yard is easy to maintain.

Duration: Another thing that will determine the final cost of the leaf removal service is the time it takes to clean up your yard. Other charges to factor include the number of trees, land gradient, and whether leaves are dry. Your leaf removal company will factor the lawn size too in their cost calculations.

Season: Fall cleanup prices tend to be on the higher side because of the number of leaves to remove. Summer leaf removal is quite cheaper, as trees don’t shed many leaves. So, you won’t pay a lawn service premium.

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