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Fall Services Quote

Enjoy and love your yard in the fall

Got leaf removal on your mind? Don’t let those leaves gang up on you.

When leaf removal season rolls along—are your leaves giving you dirty looks when you come home at night? Are you giving them dirty looks when you head out in the morning? Neither of you need that kind of stress. Here’s the offer: You let us take care of getting rid of your leaves and we’ll let you enjoy the rest of the fall season. Above all, you can spend that extra free time planning for the holidays or watching your favorite TV shows. No matter what you do, it’ll be better than raking leaves.

Leaf removal clean up
Walking cow going to mow

Leaf Removal Service

Leaves scattered all about your yard and not a rake to be seen? MowCow can help. We offer efficient leaf removal services with two-man crews that don’t have time for dilly dallying. In addition, you can choose between vacuuming with our Leaf-inator truck or blowing the leaves onto a place of choice on your property (woodline, compost pile, etc). 


Time on your hands and still stuck trying to clean up those fallen autumn leaves? Let one of MowCow’s professional crews do it for you! Get what should be accomplished out of the way – say goodbye to piles of leaves littering your garden and peace of mind.

cow pointing up to tall tree

High Velocity Walk Behind Blowers

MowCow’s high velocity walk behind blowers, and the super powered folks that use them, keep your property looking spiffy. But it takes a little muscle to get the job done.

With MowCow’s crew armed with industrial sized leaf blowers, you’ll get an extra strong wind force – one that not only cleans the leaves from your lawn and landscape, but also cuts down on our time at your property by large margins than our competitors. In other words, we’re able to cover more ground in less time. It doesn’t hurt either that we’re always happy and excited to be there!

Leaves removed from green grass
Leaf-inator Vacuum truck
Cow sitting getting ready to mulch

Leaf-inator Vacuum Truck

The Leaf-inator’s giant vacuum will make your yard clean and clear in no time at all! With this mighty leaf removal machine, you’ll never be at the mercy of pesky leaves again. This hungry beast has enough capacity to eat up every troublesome leaf that’s hiding underneath that overgrown hedge or by your garden bench. In conclusion, hasta la vista, leaves!

Cow laying down before big landscape project

Curbside Pick up

For the Do-It Yourselfer! Leaves are a pain, but for MowCow they’re not! Just rake them along the curb in your front yard and you won’t need to spend hours dropping them off at the local compost pile – we’re happy to help with our Leaf-inator vacuum trucks. We’ll vacuum ’em right up onto our truck when you say the word!

Leaf removal crew about to vacuum leaves

Your Leaf Removal options

Leaf Removal

with Vacuuming & Hauling
  • Billed to the minute
  • 2 man crew
  • High Velocity Walk Behind Leaf Blowers
  • We blow leaves to the curb
  • Leaf-inator vacuum & haul away
Most Popular

Leaf Removal

without Vacuuming & Hauling
  • Billed to the minute
  • 2 man crew
  • High Velocity Walk Behind Leaf Blowers
  • We blow leaves to your area of choice

Townhouse leaf removal

with Vacuuming & Hauling
  • Fixed billing rate
  • 2 man crew
  • High Velocity Walk Behind Leaf Blowers
  • We blow leaves to the curb
  • Leaf-inator vacuum & haul away

Curbside Pickup

For the Do-It Yourselfer
  • Billed to the minute
  • You rake leaves to the curb
  • Leaf-inator vacuum & haul away
  • Only available in Fairfax County

Watch this video with MowCow President, Richard Linsday about "How To Get Rid Of All Your Leaves With No Bagging or Disposing of Them Yourself"

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