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Retaining Walls

sturdy, stylish, and long-lasting designs

Frame your garden beds with a Retaining Wall by MowCow

Transform your yard into a whimsical dream. Stone is much more than the cheap, flat blocks of cement that builders are using now – you deserve to have some beautiful retaining walls framing your landscape beds. You need it, we’ve got ’em!

Multi layered stone wall with garden beds
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Retaining Wall Installation

Our seamless installation process will have you back in your garden earlier than you could ever imagine. Whether you’re looking for financial savings or an impressive curb appeal, MowCow has all the essentials for landscaping what’s old and making new again – we’ll help turn your outdoor oasis into something intricate, nostalgic, timeless.

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Types of Retaining Walls

The best way to add some flair and character to your space is with a sturdy MowCow retaining wall. Whether you want a single level stone structure or an arch bridge, we’ve got something just perfect for your property. Quickly create new outdoor spaces, screen off bird baths from the wilder creatures of nature, or dry gardens out after winter rainstorms.

Retaining wall with mulch and plants
Flagstone garden bed wall around tree

The Benefits of Installing a Retaining Wall

Hardscaping with stone is a way to build up your curb appeal and beautify your flower bed. Yet it has many other advantages when it comes to how plants grow and remain healthy too. Plant health is improved thanks to natural water drainage and air flow, while bringing peace of mind from developing those deep roots in rich soil beneath. With this vernacular edging for retaining walls, you’ll have that old-fashioned feeling all year long – friendliness.

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Landscaping offers you a “home”. The colors, smells and feeling that come out of a well-kempt yard does measures for your peace of mind. With the experience and workmanship that goes into every individual property, we strive to beat your expectations.

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