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Get an easy stairway that looks fabulous

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You’re looking at your old, wooden step. Sure, it’s been there for a long time and you might not want to replace it but wait just one minute! Imagine stepping onto stable stones that hold you up as if they were welcoming an old friend home? That clay stone is sturdy—like coming home to the smell of grandma’s fried chicken on Sunday afternoon.

Stone paver patio with stairs and walls
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Stairs Installation

MowCow stairs installation is the next big thing in home upgrades. Imagine never having to worry about your old wooden stairs again! MowCow will take care of your step up at home. We are excited about this project because we know how important stairs are in every day life when it comes to safety.

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Types of Stairs

Welcome to the world of stone! You have a variety of options, from material to style. There are also many colors and patterns that will transform your entryway into something vibrant. We would love for you to stop by and talk with our experts about how we could help create a rustic look or a contemporary style change.

stairs coming from patio
stairs and walls

The Benefits of Installing Stairs

Installing stone stairs adds personality to your home, expands design options, and raises the value of your property. A happy homeowner once said “I don’t feel like I’m going up a staircase anymore! It’s really easy with these stairs.” With this product installed in your home you’ll have peace of mind every time you’re climbing those steps. Brush off dirt and avoid slipping by installing our new MowCow benefits of installing stone stairs.



Landscaping offers you a “home”. The colors, smells and feeling that come out of a well-kempt yard does measures for your peace of mind. With the experience and workmanship that goes into every individual property, we strive to beat your expectations.

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