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Let’s Rescue Your Lawn

Let's Grow your lush, green grass this fall

Did you know fall is the best time to fix your lawn with Aeration & Seeding?

I reckon your lawn’s been looking a little- scruffy. Dying spots and all that. Well, now’s the time to turn things around so that when folks come visiting this summer, they’ll say “Why don’t we just mosey on over to see their lovely grass!” Implementing MowCow’s Aeration and Seeding will make for a lush, thick green lawn. You’ve always wanted one, now you’re going to have it! Get on the bandwagon today and stop living in fear of the bald spot.

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We’re known for our core aerator, that’s the starting point of any successful renovation. It easily breaks up hard and compacted soil with its tines turning it into crumbly thin soil perfect for seed germination. We also offer an Aeravator that creates a lighter soil environment by vibrating the ground like crazy while breaking up clay dirt with tines to increase seed germination!

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To ensure great results, we generously over-seed with our GrowCow’s Supreme Seed Mixture, targeted for your specific sun or shade conditions. Our experts worked together to design the best seed for Northern Virginia:

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Growing seedlings from aeration and seeding
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Good Grass Guarantee

If your grass isn’t growing, GrowCow will make it right.
The fine print:

  1. Have our lawn care
  2. Keep your account current
  3. That’s it!
Fall Quick Start Lawn Care Program

Fall Lawn Essentials Program

Feed your lawn this fall with a custom MowCow Fall Essentials Lawn Care Program. Our fall bio-nutritional program feeds your grass and soil organically and boosts their uptake for optimum surface health. With the kickstart of our fall program, you can fortify your turf to withstand fall season changes that come along with cooler temperatures, shorter days out in the sun, and frequent heavy rainfalls.

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Lawn rescue with top dressing and bio char
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Lawn Rescue: Top Dressing & Biochar

Finally! Homeowners all over the county have been waiting for the perfect organic soil amendment. With Mirimichi Green Top Dressing with compost, your grass will thrive healthier and better than ever before.

This innovative product is blended to perfection by combining premium organics with activated carbon biochar, allowing it to naturally improve your soil in no time. Acting as an anti-replacement aggregate medium that reduces compaction, drives root growth and improves nutrient absorption. Don’t spend another summer with an unsightly lawn (we won’t judge) and try Lawn Rescue today!

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Watch this video with MowCow President, Richard Linsday about "How Aeration & Seeding Can Take Your Lawn From Good To Great In The Fall"

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