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How to do Landscaping & Yard Care in Fairfax, VA

Having a yard can be a remarkable thing! It can be a place to go for relaxation and peace or to be one with nature. However, if you do not know how to maintain your land, it can be an eyesore and a cause of stress.

Maintaining a lawn does not have to mean spending exorbitant amounts of money. With a few easy changes, you can have a stunning yard.

If you are thinking about taking care of your yard, here is what you need to know about yard maintenance in the Northern Virginia area.

It is Not Easy

The first thing that you must know is that it is far from easy to conduct lawn maintenance. Of course, it can certainly take quite a bit of time to conduct lawn maintenance depending on the nature of your lawn in the Northern Virginia area.

Indeed, lawn care is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, and having the right level of weed control, tree trimming, and other tasks in Fairfax County can add up over time. Remember that the overall lawn care will include aspects such as gutter cleaning and more. From your flower beds to your general landscape beds, there is quite a bit to think about when it comes to your landscape.

That is why the first tip is to reach out to lawn care services that can conduct yard maintenance in a simple and straightforward way. These landscaping services understand landscape design, gutter cleaning, and general lawn maintenance in the Fairfax County area.

Whether you are looking for leaf removal, lawn mowing, or other lawn services in Fairfax VA, reach out to our professional landscape designer team at Mowcow today. Now that you know about bush trimming, gutter cleaning, snow removal, and other aspects that tie into lawn care, you can now find out how to do simple care for your lawn.

Maintenance According to Where You Live

It is important to know factors such as what type of soil you have, what is missing from the soil, what type of zone you live in, and the plants that will survive the best with the weather.

Look into the water usage restrictions in your area. Are there specific days or times you can water? Have water rates increased significantly?

These things are the fundamentals of yard care and landscaping.

Next, test your soil to see what is necessary to apply. You need to know the proper quantities, macronutrients needed, and how you need to amend the pH of your soil. Testing of the soil can be conducted anytime from spring through the summer.

If you are not sure if the information you have is right, go to a local lawn and garden store and consult with one of the sales associates. These individuals can offer a wealth of helpful information. Of course, you could also work with lawn care services in Fairfax VA that know how to do leaf removal, landscape design, lawn care service, and more. The professionals at Mowcow love to do a good job when it comes to landscape design and lawn care services in Fairfax VA.

They would be happy to consult with you on your lawn care, provide effective lawn maintenance, and help you get a beautiful lawn.

Where Do I Start with Lawn Care in Fairfax, VA?

A starting point requires you to know the answers to the questions above, but some steps can be helpful. It is important to adjust your timing for these steps depending on your zone.

Let us take a look at it from a seasonal standpoint.

There is a reason that spring is known as the time for cleaning. This also applies to your yard. This is the time to clean up your yard and wake it up. This waking up is done through a process called dethatching. This process is to remove layers from your land that are too thick. Before dethatching, it is important to first clear any and all sticks and leaves.

In the summertime, you will notice that you have to conduct planting, fertilizing, and other types of care that keep your lawn looking great.

In the fall season, you will notice that there are other types of care that you will need to do. These elements of care include removing leaves, fertilizing, weed removal, and a few other aspects as well.

In the wintertime, you may resort to winter vegetables and plants. You will also conduct aeration and fertilization. Further, you will allow minimal traffic on your yard during this time.

It is a good idea to think about applications for your lawn. Let’s talk about that next.

What Applications Do I Need?

Stay on top of weeds by applying a pre-emergent herbicide. This herbicide does not guarantee that you will not have any issues with weeds.

However, it should help decrease the number of weeds you have to deal with. You can control weeds from late spring through early summer using a generic 3-way selective herbicide.

It is essential to wait several weeks between applications. This type of herbicide will work best on broadleaf weeds because they are the easiest to get rid of. If you still have issues with weeds, you might need something more specialized such as Triclopyr or Tenacity.

Pre-emergent applications that are applied in the fall should be applied before the temperature drops consistently below 70 degrees or 21 Celsius. This type of application should only be done 60 days after any fall-over seeding is done. The overseeding needs time to flourish prior to being disturbed.

Apply the first application of organic fertilizer in late spring. If you have had grub issues, late spring is also the best time to apply a granular or liquid grub preventer.

Work with Lawn Care Services in Fairfax, VA

Our professional and local landscapers are interested in doing an excellent job when it comes to your lawn care. Mowcow will ensure to do a great job with leaf removal, lawn mowing, and general lawn care every single time. We know that you want the best lawn service and that you want your landscape to look fantastic.

We invest our time and efforts to ensure that our lawn care service provides results for your lawn in the Fairfax VA area.

Reach out to our team at Mowcow to find out how we can help you throughout the seasons and how we help with our various services in Fairfax VA.

We are always happy to help you have a beautiful lawn in Burke VA and the surrounding areas.

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