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Leaves, sticks, acorns, reindeer droppings and other debris clog gutters.

You’d be amazed how quickly leaves accumulate. While it’s tempting to pretend there’s an invisible force field around your roof, let’s face facts: those trees are dropping foliage like crazy. And they’re somehow penetrating your magical shields.

Regular gutter maintenance is key, too. Unless you remove those trapped leaves and spiky seed pods, cascades will start forming from your roof. These waterfalls aren’t the kind that attract honeymooners, either. Instead, you’ll have drowned grass or— worst case scenario— a soaked foundation.

But here’s the good news: by cleaning your gutters regularly, you’ll never have to worry about expensive landscaping repairs or flooding. That’s where MowCow comes in.

Our gutter cleaning pros perform:

  • Remove all leaves and debris from gutters
  • Clean out downspouts
  • Roof areas are swept clean
Bester gutter cleaning mascot

Keep your gutters clean and avoid problems like…

Gutter cleaning on roof with gloves

  • Acorns and maple seedlings sprouting in debris-laden gutters
  • Spill-over causing erosion and plant damage on the ground below
  • Heavy gutters breaking off from your home
  • Expensive gutter repair/replacement

This is one pain-staking task we can take off your hands!

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