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Getting The Best Lawn Care Near Me – The Top Ten Things To Consider

For a top-notch lawn care company, growing and maintaining a great-looking lawn is easier than you might think. With the right tools, products, and know-how, anyone can have that lush green grass they’ve been dreaming of in no time! However, when considering who to entrust with your lawn care needs, it’s essential to find someone knowledgeable and experienced enough to provide the best results. Not only that, they should have a superhero customer service team who will jump at the opportunity to fix any issues that may arise. That’s why we’re here today to help you choose the right lawn care provider near me. From understanding your turf’s needs to finding an affordable yet reliable source of maintenance services – follow along for our top ten tips on getting excellent quality service right at your door!

1. The best lawn care treatment service will slowly start applications.

The old days of hammering your lawn with traditional fertilizers are over. A top-notch lawn care company should start soft with your fertilization feedings. And, of course, we always recommend organic-based lawn nutrition for fertilizer. Greening up that lawn is a spoon-feeding marathon, not a sprint riddled with mishaps and injuries that’ll put you behind. If you start small and apply in increments, the soil and grass roots not only have time to adjust to their positive dietary change, but the risk of burning your lawn is practically nonexistent. There’s no rush!


2. They’re an environmentally conscious lawn company.

The last thing you want to see on the news is your lawn care company killed a whole hive of beneficial honey bees after their tech sprayed your azalea bush. It never looks good. With organic-based products and bee-friendly methods, the company’s products should focus on the well-being of your lawn, your soil, and the nearby waterways. Plus, you are contributing to bay-friendly efforts that keep your community cleaner.

The company should care about soil health, which is paramount to turf health. Their techs would have bee-friendly control methods, so your plants benefit greatly, and there aren’t any mass-bee casualties.


3. Does your lawn never grow? The best lawn care company will know what to check for and give the diagnosis to you straight.

Suppose you’ve always had an underperforming lawn. In that case, a professional lawn care company near you should be able to test your soil to see any deficiencies. Their techs should be able to pull a plug of soil from your lawn and ship it off to an agronomic lab, such as the Virginia Tech lab, then the lab would send a report with the results. Your turf might not have enough phosphorous or nitrogen, and the lawn company would have the means to replenish those missing pieces.

On top of soil testing, there could be other environmental factors, such as:

  • Too much shade from the tree canopy
  • Soil erosion runoff
  • High-traffic areas
  • Dog urine
  • Insects or disease activity
  • Or perhaps your grass isn’t native to our region and goes dormant or burns out

If there is something bio-organically insufficient with your soil, your lawn care company should give it straight to you. And it should sound something like this, “We would LOVE to treat your lawn, but there is nothing we can throw at your lawn at this time to have any positive results.” An “of service” response about your turf’s condition should be a good sign you are in the right hands. However, this news can mean anything, but your lawn provider should be able to give you the following steps to get your lawn out of trouble.

Lawn Rescue before and after local lawn care company, GrowCow

4. They know the most necessary lawn treatments and when to apply them.

“We apply what is needed, when it’s needed” is our sustainability motto. Your company should put down the right amount of the best fertilizer and weed control products when it’s the best time. For instance, they should know not to apply pre-emergent when you or they put down fresh grass seed. This treatment would prevent the seed from germinating. Or the fact that fertilization and weed control goes down every 4 – 6 weeks. A consistent fertilization regimen is critical for a healthy, flourishing lawn.

  • Fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Fall seeding
  • Fungus and disease control
  • Pest control
  • Plant Health Care

Bonus points if their techs scout for insects and diseases on your property. A great, reliable lawn tech won’t treat your yard as a number—they’ll note any hazardous activity on your property and alert you immediately so you’re aware.


5. They always have the proper lawn care treatment equipment.

Yobanis spraying lawn nutrition on green grass


The last thing you want to hear is the lawn tech had to skip your lawn today because they had to send out equipment to a repair shop. The best law

n care companies have a mechanic onsite or plenty of backup equipment when things go south. Either way, equipment breakdown should not even be on the horizon. A company that plans for the worst in its fleet operations reflects what kind of service provider it will be for you.

  • Professional, reliable service with never-failing equipment

  • The company tailors lawn care to your property.
  • Get peace of mind knowing your lawn will look its best thanks to modern and efficient tools.
  • Enjoy quality work done quickly and efficiently
  • Easy scheduling and friendly customer service

6. The staff and techs at the lawn company are your neighbors.

And we mean both figuratively and literally! Having a local lawn care company service your lawn not only helps the local economy but can also service your property quicker and more efficiently onsite. Plus, having expertise in the neighborhood makes life much smoother. Taking advantage of what techs can find nearby is an easy way to reap huge rewards. Suppose anything needs to be more up to snuff according to your standards. In that case, their friendly locally-based teams should be able to step in immediately to sort it all out quickly!


7. Clientele who repeat business

Feel free to ask their lawn rep: How long have you been in business? How many repeat clients do you have? How long have they been around? The company rep should light up, not get defensive. Being in the customer care industry means they should get energized from questions about your business—so keep an eye out for this negative behavior because it most likely will return in the work and customer service they provide. Lastly, you can also check their Google reviews. Overjoyed clients tend to say how long they’ve been with their favorite lawn care company.

  • Rely on the expertise of an experienced and knowledgeable lawn care company.
  • Enjoy excellent customer service and reliable repeat business that lasts for years.
  • Experience peace of mind knowing you are working with an established company.
  • Like a neighbor, get quality work done at a competitive rate while still feeling special.


8. Excellent, consistent Google reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Go ahead… check their Google reviews. It’s ok; we all do it—and we should. If their last review was from 2019, and it appears their brother-in-law most likely wrote it, that should be a flag. Another sign would be hundreds of mixed reviews could mean they’re too big to respond to their clients. Always decide whether or not the company is the right fit for you and your lawn, and this is an excellent barometer of how active this company is.


9. They’ll answer the phone.

Communication is a big one. Suppose Joe’s Lawn Care’s phone has a robot that greets you, prompting you with a series of dials. In that case, quickly connecting with a service rep will be a hassle the longer you’re with the company. Keeping your lawn in tip-top shape is already a challenge. There’s no reason to add another challenge to the mix with communication issues.

What’s more, if the customer rep on the phone needs an answer for you, they should be able to redirect you to an expert with a good, can-do attitude who does. And if it’s not an instant connect, follow-up options should be available, AND they will call you back!


10. They have notifications for when service is complete and available by text if you have questions.

What year is it? Communication with your lawn company should be possible through various channels. A sign of reliable communication is receiving an email or text notification when your service is complete. The email should inform you what day the tech completed your service or if they had to skip your property for whatever reason. It would help if you had the option for a “call ahead,” where a customer rep calls you the day before your tech arrives. Being left in the dark about decisions is not a positive way to foster a long-last relationship.

If you need to get in touch with your rep, here’s what should be available to you:

  • SMS Text
  • Email
  • Website Chat
  • Facebook/Instagram Messenger

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