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Summer Services

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Summer Project clean up and mulch

How the Cow is Different

The MowCow “super hero” team and GrowCow lawn care rock stars work with you to provide the lush lawn you desire. We offer the best, most natural lawn care approach to protect your family pets and waterways from harmful chemicals.
Before and After clean up and mulch
Clean-Up and Mulch mascot, Bester MowCow

Summer Landscape Project

Running behind? Planning your summer party? Have MowCow tidy up your outdoor spaces! 

GrowCow Lawn Care Mascot, Bester MowCow

Organic-Based Lawn Care

MowCow is here to make your lawn look great! We’re always happy to take care of business, whether you need fertilizer or pest control treatments. It’s easy-peasy getting your lawn healthy and beautiful with MowCow. So take care of your green thumb with our expert knowledge. We carry environmentally friendly products so you can feel great about your green lawn!

Landscape maintenance upkeep on yard
lawn fungus brown patch
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Fungus & Insect Control

You may think the grass has issues, but don’t panic! GrowCow’s lawn fungus control service can help get your turf back to healthy and happy. We use the latest and greatest fungicides to prevent and cure common lawn ailments like dollar spot and brown patch. Our specialists will ensure that your yard remains safe from chemical overload while making it squeaky clean easy for you. It should be so nice outside all day long!

Lawn Mowing Mascot, Bester MowCow

Lawn mowing

Give yourself a break with MowCow lawn mowing services. It’s time to take care of living well. After all, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your yard looking its best! You deserve it. MowCow will be happy to offer you the service that gives both beauty and relaxation just when you need it most because we’re neighbors here in Fairfax Station, VA! 


Our well-trained crews are efficient enough for any job because they got their tips from us! With up to two different options available for any budget, call today or click to learn more about what makes an appointment with our team so great!

Mowing lawn of suburban home
gutter cleaning services in burke va
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All Other Services

MowCow provides the kind of high-quality, comprehensive yard service you can rely on. When you need to take care of something in your backyard that isn’t core lawn care, MowCow is there for you!

Our friendly staff knows what it takes to provide all the necessary services your neighborhood needs. We keep everyone’s property looking spick and span with our extensive range of leaf removal, gutter cleaning, storm damage clean up… Outside? Anything goes when we run outta leaves at this place!

What if your YARD

brought you the calmness you deserve?

Our Lawn Care techs have the ability and knowhow for a complete lawn health experience. We can diagnose disease and insect activity on your lawn and plants. Our customer’s properties stand out from their neighbors and we would like the opportunity to do the same for yours.