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What do I do?

Sit back and enjoy the cacophony of cicada love. They have waited 17 years for this raucous cicada party. Once adults have mated and females have laid eggs, they will die. They will be gone by the end of June.

What good are cicadas?

This will be a banner year for baby birds fledging with bellies full of cicadas. Small mammals, foxes, dogs, box turtles and others feed on these clumsy fliers until they are full. Chickens love cicadas. Cicadas nymphs aerate your soil and the expired adult bodies, provide a terrific source of nitrogen for your trees and gardens as they decay.

Should I apply pesticides?

No, absolutely not. Pesticides are not effective against cicadas and may harm other beneficial insects nearby. Netting is your best bet for young or recently transplanted trees.

How do I cover my small trees with netting?

Cicada Netting is currently being sold at local Nurseries and Box Stores.

Watch this terrific video on How to Install Netting put out by the Cicada Crew at the University of Maryland

Will MowCow come out and wrap my trees with netting?

We are not offering this service at this time.

How can I remove them from my trees and shrubs when I am terrified of bugs?

We encourage you to reach out to neighborhood youth. Invite them to pluck cicadas for you and move them to trees in a nearby wooded area. Offer cicadas to teachers who may want to host a Cicada Olympics event at their school or in the neighborhood.

Also – cicada researchers want to see your images so they can track this big Brood. Report them on the Cicada Safari app.

What is The Cicada Olympics event?

In 2004, Dr. Cindy Smith, wife of MowCow owner Richard Linsday, hosted the most fantastic learning event for the whole second grade at Nokesville Elementary School. Exactly 17 years later, she has compiled all the activities into an e-book available on Amazon. As a George Mason University Environmental Science and Policy professor, as well as a bug, botany and science education enthusiast, Cindy feels authentic learning is by far, the best way to experience and retain science and nature content knowledge. Please share this ebook link with neighbors and teacher friends and turn this cicada emergence into an incredible cicada learning experience.

Visit Dr. Cindy Smith’s website!

Into what types of trees will the female cicadas lay their eggs?

Females prefer the softer wood along branch tips.

What will tree the damage will look like:

You will see branch tips flagging in July. That is a sign that female cicadas scraped a groove in the branch tip and laid their eggs. Most mature trees will recover with no problems at all.

Here’s a great resource about the damage cicadas can do to your plants:

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