Aeration Seeding

Top 10 Reasons to Aerate and Seed, Pronto!

Boost your lawn’s growth with an autumn aeration and seeding!

As fall approaches, grass roots spread and flourish. If you’d like to have a lush, thick lawn for spring, plan ahead! Cooler temperatures, fall rain, and less weeds are just some of the reasons to focus on your home turf. Want to know the whole story? Let’s take a look!

Aeration: What’s the Big Deal?

Before we get too carried away, let’s quickly talk about aeration.

For a variety of reasons, soil gets compacted. Maybe your dog is really active, or you’ve had too many luau parties over the summer. Regardless, grass roots get squeezed over time. It’s much harder for them to get oxygen, nutrients, and water as a result.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: aeration! We have two great options available for you. First up—our special Aeravator. The metal tines on this baby vibrate vigorously to break up thick thatch, Northern Virginia clay, and dense soil.  Second, our dependable ZTS Core Aerator extracts soil plugs so the elements can reach deep.  Both aeration machines work wonders—it all depends what your unique lawn asks for.

Aeration literally gives lawns a breath of fresh air. And now’s the best time to seed your yard.

Here’s why:

  • MowCow's mascot "Bester" using our dependable core aeratorWake up call. Cool, crisp temperatures aren’t just invigorating for people; plants feel the difference, too! Now’s the time turf really starts growing, so aerating soil further invigorates the lawn.
  • Spreading some roots. Aeration breaks up all that compaction, so growing grass won’t get root bound.
  • Microorganisms will thank you. Soil is more active than ever during fall. Aeration delivers life-saving oxygen to crucial microorganisms, which help turf by removing toxins.
  • Autumn rain. If your lawn is compacted, water has trouble soaking into thick clay and soil. Aerate your lawn and let those sweet, invigorating rainfalls revive those roots!
  • Beat the competition. Aeration promotes soil nutrition, which results in a thicker, healthier lawn. This means weeds will have a much harder time getting established in spring.

Start seeding!

Autumn is perfect for sowing grass too. Combined with aeration, fall seeding guarantees your lawn will be a springtime showstopper.

Take a look:

  • Our mascot seeding with GrowCow’s exclusive Pennington Supreme MixtureCold above, warm below. Believe it or not, soil retains summer warmth through autumn. Grass seed loves nothing better than crisp fall days and cozy soil.
  • Morning dews and damps. Autumn’s gentle but generous moisture is great for seeds. Scatter some on bald spots, and let Mother Nature do the rest.
  • No need to be crabby. Garden villains like crabgrass aren’t a problem during autumn. Give your young grass a head start!
  • Beat Old Man Winter. Grass grows quickly. If you plant seeds now, they’ll be ready for frost, ice, snow—all that fun stuff.
  • No sunburn. Less sunlight, cool days, mild nights—autumn is kind on young grass. Your seeds can say goodbye to drought and dryness!


If these reasons sound good to you, give us a call! For every client, we’ll generously over-seed your lawn with GrowCow’s exclusive Pennington Supreme Mixture, our special blend of drought and heat-tolerant seeds.

Call us if you’d like to give your lawn the autumn advantage!

Aerate and seed, please!