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Pest Control: Protect Your Home, Yard, Family & Pets

Insects, bugs, and pests can do a number on your yard. And they’ll find any crack, crevice, or opening to use to sneak into your home. Not to mention the health risks they can pose to your family and loved ones. That’s why a comprehensive Pest Control Program is so important.

Our pest control programs keep your yard and living space safe from unwanted creepy crawly critters that can kill your plants and grass. Plus we control those bugs that carry a variety of potentially dangerous diseases.

Unlike most lawn care and pest control companies, we get the job done without relying on dumping a ton of potentially harmful chemicals on your lawn that could be more dangerous to your plants and loved ones than the bugs themselves.

Our pest control programs are organic-based.

We offer the safest, most natural approach to pest control in the area. We protect your lawn, family and pets without using chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and the bay.

Pest Control

Would you love a flea and tick free yard?

We work with you to repel bad insects from your lawn. We offer the safest, most natural lawn care approach to protect your family pets and waterways from harmful chemicals. Healthy soil is the key to healthy turf!


+ Organic Flea & Tick Program
+ Perimeter Pest Program
+ Season-Long Grub Control
+ Plant Health Care Program
+ Gutter Cleaning

Give your lawn a break from these pests
Ticks Ahead Caution Sign

Organic Flea & Tick Program

Last thing you want to do is have your kids or pets bring these suckers in. 5 treatments of our organic cedar oil to keep the buggers away.

Perimeter Pest

Perimeter Pest

Guard the perimeter of your house from spiders and other ground crawling insects from entering your domain. Also, 5 treatments for the year.

grub damage

Season-Long Grub Control

Japanese beetle larvae grow beneath your soil, eating the grassroots. When you see damage, it’s typically too late, and you’ll need to reseed in the fall. One application is all it takes!

Rent your landscaping crew for hand weeding

Plant Health Care Program

Our wonderful Plant Health Care program is great at feeding your trees & shrubs. But our treatments also protect again many leaf eating insects. You can go to MowCow to take care of your lawn and plants!

Flea and Tick Control

Protect your loved ones with the Organic Flea & Tick Program

An organic-based program repels fleas & ticks from your property naturally. Any fleas or ticks left lingering will be rendered too lazy to eat or reproduce and will leave your pets alone. (5 applications spaced throughout the growing season.)

How does the flea and tick cedar product work?

The aromatic oil repels fleas and ticks from your yard the same way cedar wood keeps moths out of closets. This pheromone inhibitor makes adults lazy and confused, keeping them from mating or eating your pets. This application also dehydrates eggs and larvae, preventing them from hatching.

Will it harm my pets?

Nope, but we ask that you keep pets off lawn until dry, about 15 minutes.

How long is it effective?

Our flea and tick treatments are effective for ~30-45 days. It is even more effective if your adjacent neighbors participate.

Encourage your neighbors to participate to ensure a larger protection boundary against these petite pet-loving scoundrels. Keep your pets happy, and enjoy your flea and tick-free yard!

Will you treat my wood line?

Spraying back into the wood line is recommended. Fleas and ticks prefer higher humidity habitats, thus tiny leaf or stick piles or tall grass are prime hideouts.

Residential Services Offered

  • Lawn Care – Our lawn care programs are specifically designed for the soil and weather that are unique to Northern Virginia and we use our own custom-designed seed. As a locally owned business, we don’t wait for the national headquarters to dictate what we use and what we do. We are constantly researching new techniques and products to get the best possible results for our clients.
  • Lawn Maintenance – After decades of research we have developed our own organic-based lawn care programs that get amazing results for our clients. Our treatments not only feed your turf grass, they build up beneficial microbes in your soil so it can support the long-term health of your lawn.
  • Mowing – Our lawn mowing crews are meticulous and detailed. Our teams sharpen their blades daily to prevent unsightly bent, tipped, and unclean buts that can leave your lawn looking brown.
  • Plant Health Care –
  • Grub Control –
  • Pest Control –
  • Weed Control –
  • Aeration And Seeding –
  • Landscape Design – Our expert team of Landscape Designers has wowed hundreds of families around Northern Virginia with their landscape designs. Our teams provide beautiful designs, fresh plants, bushes, trees and shrubs from local nurseries and highly skilled, experienced crews to bring your design to life.
  • Clean Up And Mulch – Like hitting the reset button on your landscape. Over time twigs, leaves, sticks, and other debris can build up in your landscape. And if you’re not using high-quality mulch, it will fade from bright and vibrant to dull and gray. With Clean Up And Mulch, our teams remove any debris from your landscape beds are neatly and sharply cut in and if you choose we can add new mulch as well.
  • Landscape Upkeep – While some homeowners love working in their yard, picking out every fallen leaf, pruning bushes and shrubs, weeding and edging, it is not for everyone. Our Landscape Upkeep plans take the burden of maintaining your gorgeous landscape off your hands. Allowing you to enjoy your yard instead of working on your yard.
  • Rent-A-Crew – Got a lot to do? Rent-A-Crew! Our popular Rent-A-Crew Landscaping service puts our expert teams to work for you. You create an itemized list of tasks that you need to be completed around your yard then our teams go to work, crossing them off to give you the yard you’ve always wanted.
  • Patios –
  • Walkways –
  • Firepits –
  • Retaining Walls –
  • Hardscape Services – Outdoor living spaces made easy! Our professional teams of experts shape your yard to the property of your dreams. The process starts with you and our expert landscape designers working together to create a design that will beautify your outdoor space that fits within your budget. Then our landscape teams execute your design to perfection.
Keep your yard and home safe from pests.
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Flea and Tick Control
Organic Flea & Tick Program

Fleas and ticks can transmit diseases to your family and pets. Our Organic Flea & Tick Program can bring these pests under control in 5 treatments and create a barrier of protection around your yard to keep pests away for 45-60 days. Even longer if your neighbors participate.

We utilize organic-based treatments instead of harmful chemicals in our Flea & Tick Program so you do not need to worry about your family or pets playing on your lawn. Just wait 15 to 30 minutes after each treatment.

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Perimeter Pest

Pests that live in your yard do not stay on your yard. They’ll take any opportunity to crawl through any crack, crevice or opening to get into your home.

Our Perimeter Pest Program focuses on keeping pests out of your home. Our organic-based program guards the perimeter of your home against spiders, mites, and other ground crawling insects from entering your home.

We assess the exterior of your home and create a customized treatment plan for applying our Perimeter Pest Control Program to maximize its effectiveness for your home.

Our expert technicians concentrate on the common entry points around your home where pests gain access.

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Perimeter Pest
Grub Control
Season Long Grub Control

If you find beetles on your lawn or see dead patches of grass in early summer, you probably had grubs earlier in the year. Unfortunately, by the time you see that, it’s too late.

Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles, and other beetles. Grubs grow beneath your soil, feasting on grassroots and other organic matter. If grubs are allowed to grow and thrive, they will kill your grass and you’ll need to reseed in the fall.

Our organic-based grub control program kills grubs before they can take hold and kill your grass. It only takes a single application.

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Plant Health Care Program

One of the best ways to protect your plants against pests is to keep them healthy. Our Plant Health Care Program is a holistic, comprehensive program to manage the health, structure, and appearance of your plants.

Our program feeds your trees and shrubs with the proper nutrition to keep them strong and healthy while protecting them against leaf-eating insects. Plants are part of a complex system of plants, soil, and pests that must be maintained in harmony.

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Plant Health Care
Gutter Cleaning

Most people don’t think about gutters when they think about pest control, but keeping your gutters clean is an important part of any pest control program.

Dirty, clogged gutters are an ideal breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes and other insects. Our gutter cleaning program keeps your gutters clear so they operate properly and prevent infestation.

Gutter cleaning can be a risky activity. Climbing on ladders and removing debris is dangerous and is an activity that shouldn’t be taken lightly or attempted by the untrained. Let our expert team clear your gutters so you can stay safe.

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Season-Long Grub Control

Pest Control: Protect Your Home, Family & Pets