Irrigation Services

Installations, Services & Repairs

bester-irrigationOur technicians respond within 48 hours of your call. 

We adjust, repair or replace sprinklers, spray heads, valves, pipes, pumps, sensors, controllers and more. Email us or call our service desk Monday through Friday from 8:30am—5:30pm and we’ll hoof it on over! 703-425-5630

Spring Opening/ Winterization

Ensure your system’s longevity is secure by closing and opening your system at the proper time of year. Learn more.

Irrigation System/ Sprinkler Installation

Don’t have time to water your investment? That’s okay! MowCow provides high quality irrigation sprinkler systems. Learn more.

Big Lawn Strategies

Our specialists can map out efficent and effective irrigation systems for large properties. Contact us today!

Wireless Rain Sensors

Saves money and water by measuring soil moisture and only turning system on when needed

Sprinkler Head Flagging

A time saving service done just before Aeration & Seeding