Holly Not Looking Jolly? We Can Fix That With Our Plant Health Care

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Hey friends, Heather here with MowCow lawn and landscape. Today we’re talking about Plant Health Care.

I get a lot of calls from clients that say, Heather, come take a look at my Holly. It’s not looking normal. And when I get out, I see a beautiful Holly that has a lot of black film on the branches. And if you look closely at the leaves and the understory of the leaves,

You’ll see a lot here to get that.

So they often ask Heather, what can we do? What should we do? So let’s talk a little bit about our plants. So first of all, Holly’s, they’re not really disease prone. They’re actually very healthy, striving plants.

So Mowcow has our plant health care program. Our plant health care not only helps feed your plants, but it also helps fight against disease and several various fungus.

So give us a call about our plant healthcare, because we’re getting ready to treat this Holly and make it really healthy. And if you have one that needs the same, we’d like to do that for you too. Again, Heather here at MowCow lawn and landscape, and I’m excited to hear from you have a great day.

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