Hit The Reset Button On Your Yard With Clean Up And Mulch

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Hey friends, Heather here with the MowCow lawn and landscape, and here comes this beautiful warm spring weather. Yes. It’s time to hit that reset button for your cleanup and mulch this spring to get rid of all of that winter deadness on your plants and just that boring winter color with MowCow.

Our cleanup and mulch consists of cleaning edging, weeding, pruning, and mulching. Over here, you can see our client recently received our reset cleanup and mulch for this spring, and you can see our gorgeous triple shred hardwood, Oak bark mulch. Yes, that’s a mouthful, but it’s providing superior consistency to our mulch.

You can tell that it looks beautiful with its natural, not color enhanced or dyed Brown Chestnut color. This color will actually last you all season. And typically clients just do that. A nice flip of it during July and August to freshen up that color and get it all new again.

So friends, if you’re ready to hit that reset and get rid of all of that winter achiness, give us a call at MoCo lawn and landscape and ask for me. I’m Heather, look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day and enjoy this weather. Bye guys.

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MowCow is Northern Virginia’s leading provider of organic-based lawn care services including landscape design services in Fairfax, Burke, Fairfax Station, Woodbridge, Manassas, Lake Ridge, Annandale, Nokesville, Clifton, Springfield, Centreville and Fairfax City.

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