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How To Handle A Lawn Full of Weeds

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Does your lawn have a lot of weeds in it like this area here, this is choked up with a mixture turf grass, as well as Clover and some spurge, a little bit of crab grass, tiny bit of Bermuda creeping in. It might be time for Weed Control.

If you have an area like this in your yard, you might be wondering, Hey, do I need to just kill this and start over? And while I understand why you might ask that the truth is if we can go ahead and get you on a lawn care program with good weed control, we can actually start killing these weeds and we can see it in the fall at the same time. That’s where weed control comes in.

And we can turn this around in short order. These weeds are the summer weeds and they’re many of them other than the Clover are very tough to control. So we do know that you’re going to see some of them come back the following year, but again, if you’re using a good lawn care program and you’re treating those weeds, you can knock them back.

And within two seasons, this whole thing can turn right back around. If you have a lawn like this and have questions, feel free to send us a photo or comment below. Thank you.

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