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Hey everybody. Hi, there, here with MowCow lawn and landscape. Here today to talk with you about getting your annual pots ready. And if you guys are at home, practicing your social distancing, just like we are my daughter recording a video for me when you guys are just looking for things to do outside and to have a great time. So I thought that I would post a quick little video for everyone out there.

All of our herd members on what we’re doing when we’re at home. So what I’m doing today actually is preparing my pots, um, for the front of my landscaping. And, um, I wanted to give you guys a quick tutorial on what I do when preparing pots for my house, or if there’s a crazy pandemic going on for my clients. So the first thing is I make sure to get really good garden gloves. Um, these actually are my favorite and I’m constantly washing them.

Just keeping them nice and clean because I do love them. Um, the second thing you want to make sure to do is I like to use ceramic pots. Um, I like that they’re super heavy. Um, but what I don’t like about them is you gotta make sure to bring them inside when the first frost is coming, because some of them do crack.

Keep that in mind when you’re out there purchasing, but you want to make sure to get some really good soil and so jazzy get over here so you can see. So I put the soil in here and this is a really great soil that actually will assist for drainage and stuff like that. Um, if I were at Mo Cal right now, I would probably put some packing peanuts in the bottom of it. Um, but when I’m at home, I don’t want to have just packing peanuts sitting around.

So I want to fill up the, um, ceramic pot with really good soil. Um, like I said, you want to use a soil that’s meant for potting because you definitely want to get some good drainage. Um, having great annual pot is all about drainage and keeping those plants healthy. Um, so that’s almost filled also, if you look over here, my little plotting station, I have a bunch of different types of plants. I like to try to incorporate different colors.

I know some people want to do like pinks and whites and stuff like that, but I like going a little bit crazy with it. My pots don’t always match, um, but they have great color in them. So what I have here is some creeping Jenny. I dug out of my garden, so definitely want to use some awesome creeping, Jenny. Um, I have, what else?

I have some wave petunias. I love my wave petunias. I also have different types of daisies in here. So maybe I want to use some pink daisies. I have geraniums, everybody loves geraniums. I have some Fox glove as well. So I have a couple of different colors that I’m going to put. Um, you guys will see, I also have, um, some different types of CDMs that I like to have just kind of creeping over the bottom.

Three things that you want to remember when doing your pots thrill fill and spill. So thrill is that bright color and you want to have something that’s pretty tall in there. Phil is having something again with some bright color that fills up the pie and then spill. You want to have something that spills over the side. So just a quick rundown of what I’m probably going to do.

I have some spikes over here that I’m probably going to put it in here, right? Like, so once I actually get this filled up jazzy, I didn’t put enough in there. So fill over here. I’ll probably put my DCS in and then I’ll probably get some of this Fox love in. And then, and I’ll have my creeping Jenny over the side.

So jazzy, do you want to bring this over here so you can show everybody? So it’ll look similar to this and I do have, I’m known as the PR lady. So I do have probably about 10 annual pots out front. Then I’ll post pictures of a little bit later. Um, but I have this gorgeous ceramic pot. I also have another one. That’s a little bit smaller that I can have things spilling out. And then I have one that’s a tad bit bigger, but I’m going to do so.

I do like to do pots when I do them in threes. So I have something a little bit taller, a medium sized pot and a smaller one. All of these are going to have that thrill fell in spell. Well, friends again, this is Heather over at mo-cap lawn and landscape. Give us a shout. If you have any questions.

I am at home working from home, but also answering client emails and, um, different questions that come in to customer at [inaudible] dot com. So if you have any questions about how to spruce up your property or want us to come out and give you a hand, please give us a call over in the office. We are practicing social distancing, but we’re very fortunate because we work outside.

What a safe place to be is outside working, getting beautiful, fresh air and beautifying our client’s spaces. I look forward to hearing from you guys, and I hope everyone’s out there staying safe and enjoying the outdoors. Talk to you soon. Have a great day.

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