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How To Fix Pet Urine Spots On Your Lawn Fast

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Do you have Brown spots in your yard? Maybe your four-legged friend has left some pet urine spots on your lawn.

That looks something like this, where you have some, some very thin Brown grass. A lot of times, in some sort of a small circle, these can sometimes lead to a Brown spot that looks like this, where there’s a real absence of turf. If you look really closely, that is dead grass in that pet urine spot.

So clearly this had coverage at one time and now it does not. Well, the good news is these are totally fixable. The bad news is these are the result of man’s best friend. The one here is more recent where the dog had recently gone and left a pet urine spot.

And what usually happens is that grass will die because the urine is so strong that it actually burns the turf and it dies out. It leaves a bare spot like this. If you receive these bare spots, you can get the lawn to recover very quickly and get rid of those pet urine spots.

If you ignore them, a lot of times they’ll fill in with weeds. Nature is very opportunistic and we’ll fill this instantly with maybe some things you don’t want in your lawn.

So we highly recommend seeding that in either case both sides. If you just do a little hand raking and get some seed down, a lot of times, that’s all you need to do. And you’ll have grass in no time, especially in the fall.

So if any of these areas have been stubborn September, go at it again and you’ll have coverage. If you have any questions about areas like this or anything else from your lawn, feel free to comment below or send us a picture and we’re happy to help.

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