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Did you know fall is the best time to rescue your lawn?

One of the last things you’re thinking about when it’s 🥵 90 degrees out ☀️ and your lawn is brown and crispy is Aeration & Seeding, Lawn Care Treatments, or a full-blown Lawn Renovation…

But now is the time when you NEED to make your lawn care plans for the fall.

It is incredibly important to Aerate and Seed your lawn EARLY in the season. As soon as the weather breaks.

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After years of research, we’ve established successful organic-based lawn care programs!

In place of a traditional fertilizer blend, we apply a nutritious, an organic-based bio-stimulant. Our treatments not only feeds your turf, it also builds up the beneficial microbial community in your soil. Because we’re applying a product teeming with life, we mix it up fresh for you every day.

Our fall bio-nutritional program feeds your grass and soil organically.

Kickstart fall lawn care application

Lawn Starter

Fortify your grass and reach beyond the requirements to withstand the fall season.

Root developer lawn care treatment

Root Developer

Enriches the root system’s environment for optimum nutrition uptake.

Microbes for healthy soil

Beneficial Microbes

Replenishes the micro and macro nutrients your lawn needs to thrive.

Weed control icon

*Micro-Spot Weed Control

We target and eliminate the weeds in your lawn. Less weeds = more room for grass to grow

maintenance lime for healthy lawn pH

Maintenance Lime

Add on our popular Maintenance Lime treatment. This one time application gradually adjusts your soil’s pH, reducing the acidity–typical in Northern Virginian lawns.

soil winterization lawn care treatment


Reinforce your lawn to endure cold winter conditions. Any weakened grass bounces back spectacularly in the spring.

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What is Aeration?

Aeration and Seeding is the best way to gain thicker, lush grass. The summer heat may have stressed out your lawn. The result: more bald spots than you’re comfortable with. Aeration breaks up compacted soil and replenishing water and oxygen into the root zone.

To ensure great results, we generously over-seed with our GrowCow’s Supreme Seed Mixture, targeted for your specific sun or shade conditions.

We generously over-seed with an elite mix of qualified seed

Our experts worked together to design the best seed for Northern Virginia

+ An elite mix of GrowCow special blend qualified seed
+ Our custom mix caters to Northern Virginia’s clay soil
+ Longer roots for drought tolerance
+ Blue Tag certified—weed free seed

Overgrown with weeds? Grass looking sad and hungry?

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#1 way to rescue your lawn in the fall