Clean-Up & Mulch


It’s like hitting a giant reset button for your entire landscape.

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Gorgeous mulch

Mulch is spread in all your beds so it lays nice and smooth. Our mulch frames your home beautifully with rich, earth tones.


Yard clean-up

Every twig and leaf is pulled from your bushes and lawn area. We’ll even spruce up your wood line for a full property shape up.


Hand weeding

When weeding, we remove as much root mass as possible, not just chopping the top and waiting for it to grow back.



Trees and shrubs are professionally trimmed for shape, health and vitality.


Precise edging

All landscape beds get new crisp edges, (like a checkmark…)


Fresh and clean

Time after time, our clients tell us how taken back they are by how neat their yards looks. Give it a try–you’re sure to be amazed.

Clean-Up & Mulch - We have beautiful, rich mulch

What’s so great about our mulch?

We use chestnut brown mulch, genuine shredded hardwood bark from the highlands of Virginia because it holds its color much longer. We do not use any stump grindings, limb chip or wood chip mulch.

Mulching is like painting, a good job is determined by the thoroughness of the preparation and the quality of the mulch.

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Starting your Clean-Up & Mulch

The Visit

Typically, the way the estimating process works is we can do what’s called a site visit which allows us to give you the fastest turn around of your estimate. You don’t even have to be home when we swing by.

The Specialist

When our specialist arrives at your property, we give you a call to see if there’s anything you want us to be aware of or to pay special attention to.


It also gives us a chance to ask you any questions we might have. Once our specialist has finished the estimate, they’ll send it to you via email.

Face to Face

We also offer face to face meetings that allow you to walk the property with our specialist.

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Clean-Up and Mulch