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Maximize Seed Growth with H2-Mooow

Double or triple your grass coverage with an easy watering routine!

After those boiling Virginia summers, our lawns are parched. We bet yours are, too! But recent rains, coupled with crisp autumn weather, mean there’s no time like now to grow some grass.


Harmonize with Nature

Scenario: Mr. Jones, your neighbor, knows grass can take anything. It’s tough, just like him. He struts around his lawn, chucking handfuls of seed everywhere. By the time spring rolls around, his lawn will be so green, everybody will have to wear sunglasses. Yeah, it’ll be that bright.

Chuckling to himself, Mr. Jones walks away after a few more minutes of tossing seeds. That was easy. And rain will take care of everything else.

Ah, but he forgot that his lawn is already stressed from summer. New grass will definitely have trouble getting established on such dry soil.  Months from now, Mr. Jones will wonder why his yard looks so frazzled and wimpy.

You don’t want to grow grass like your neighbor, right? No way!

We’ll show you how to avoid frustration and save money. All you have to do is work with nature. If that sounds even more difficult than throwing seed around, trust us. It’s simple. Take a look:

  • Get sprinkling. Grass seeds require daily watering. Rainfall alone isn’t enough for thirsty turf, but guess what? Sprinklers are even better. In fact, watering 2 times a day can double or triple your crop!
  • Keep track of shade and sun. Turf seed grows best when soil is damp. If your garden is mossy and dark, however, you probably don’t need too much water. On the other hand, bright yards with no shade require much more sprinkler time.
  • Thwart the blow dryer. Grass seeds easily dry out, and gusty weather makes them even more vulnerable. If your yard is like a wind farm, then you’ll need to water more frequently.


Water, and They Will Grow

You’re probably thinking, “I get it already!” But we really can’t emphasize the importance of daily watering. It’s the difference between you and Mr. Jones. Well, OK—regular watering prevents you from buying more seed and starting over next year.

Still, you need to have a watering routine. Without one, you’ll be just as bad as your sloppy, fictitious neighbor.

Here’s how we water seeds:

  1. Water early in the morning, before the sun evaporates all the moisture.
  2. Water 15-20 minutes at a time.
  3. Right before your lawn completely dries out, water for the second time.
  4. To ensure all seeds get watered, rotate your sprinklers for maximum coverage.

Wondering what happens if you overwater?  It’s easy to get distracted and leave a sprinkler on for much longer than you intended. Or, maybe a storm arrived the second you wrapped up the hose. Regardless of the reason, it’s easy for seeds to get washed away. Bummer, right?

Fortunately, MowCow customers are covered.  Whenever we seed lawns, we leave behind Headache Bags for this very reason.  Tip: check your doorstep after we leave—you’ll find your very own sack of extra seeds! And guess what?  If those get washed away, we’ll come back and reseed at no charge.

Extra Credit

For those overachievers out there (we know who you are), there are even more ways you can encourage seeds to grow.  So, let’s dig a little further!

To really, really improve your lawn:

  • Check your sprinkler(s). Sometimes, they lose efficiency from age or damage. Is yours slacking off? Here’s a quick test: grab empty tuna or soup cans and scatter them around the watering zone. Later, check them and see how much water is inside. Pro tip: it helps when you’ve turned off the sprinkler first.
  • Get a timer. That’s right, you don’t have to hang around the house while the sprinkler does its job. Timers are easy to buy, too. Most box stores have them for about $20-$40.
  • Harness the power of earth, wind, and fescue. We’re talking about aeration, a MowCow specialty. Our Aeravator opens passageways in the soil for fresh oxygen, nutrients, and water. Add new fescue (grass) seeds to the mix, and you’ve given your yard an excellent start!
  • Install an irrigation system. Automation saves water and reduces utility costs. Plus, every corner of your yard gets covered. If this sounds good to you, let us know and we’ll happily explain the installation process. We think you’ll be thrilled by the benefits.

 Have fun with your new lawn and seeds!  Have any remaining questions or concerns?  Feel free to call us!  It’s grass season, and we know you want to start off on the right foot. We can help with that! 

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