New Video: Does Your Lawn Look Good From Afar But Far From Good YouTube

Is Your Lawn Good From Afar, But Far From Good?
Here’s what to do!

As the cooler temperatures roll with the end of the summer and the start of the fall we start to see lawns the “look” okay from afar, but when you get up close you see that they are thin or covered in weeds.

Luckily there’s a lot of strategies that can help with these problems and get your lawn looking good up close and from far away.

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New Video: Here’s What To Do When Your Lawn Is Stressed From The Summer YouTube

🥵STRESSED.. Lawns🌱
With the crazy times we’re living in, it seems like we’re all stressed out, but at this time of year your lawn is stressed out too!

Because the heat and dry weather in the summer stresses your lawn out. That leaves you with thin grass, bare spots, brown spots and even dead spots. With the challenging soil we face in Northern VA that can mean big problems.

So what can you so if your lawn is stressed? Give this video a look. Mow Cow’s Richard Linsday walks through how to recognize if your lawn is stressed and what you can do to help it recover.

If you’d like more information just send us a message here or call our Lawn Rescue Hotline:
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New Video: How To Take Care Of Your Lawn Under Highly Pruned Tree YouTube

What can you do under a tree that’s pruned very high?
You have lots of options, but it depends on the soil.
Around Northern VA, we see a lot of beautiful tress that are pruned very high up. In part shade areas like that you can grow turf grass if you choose the right blend, BUT it depends on what your soil says.
In this video, Mow Cow’s Richard Linsday discusses how to handle this situation to get the best results for your lawn.
If you’d like more information just send us a message here or call our Lawn Rescue Hotline:
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7 Tips on choosing the best tree trimming service

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Best Lawn Care In Northern Virginia

When it comes to trimming your trees, you need a credible service provider that would match your needs and budget and give you the best services. Here are 7 tips that will help you to choose the best tree trimming service provider in your area.

Look at the reputation

It is essential to ascertain that you are opting for a company that is well reputed in the local community. It should have positive reviews online from customers from various places. Make sure that the company is registered with a reliable and reputed tree association. Find out whether there are any complaints in its name, and for how long it has been in business.

Look for proper equipment

Ensure that the agency you are hiring has the best equipment for the task. Do not allow companies that let staff wear spiked shoes while pruning and trimming trees, as it can harm the tree itself.

Look at the Insurance Policies

As a customer, you must always try to make sure that the tree service provider has sufficient insurance coverage. The company should have enough workers compensation insurance and liability insurance. All the insurance certificates should be shown to you. Make sure of this if you do not wish to bear any liability in case of an accident.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

You need to make sure that the agency has accreditation from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Being accredited with BBB can show that the company enjoys good reputation and has decent brand value.

Compare the rates

If the rates seem to be too high, walk away. If the charges appear to be too good to be true, the services might be inferior or the company might not be insured or certified. Work with a company that has realistic rates. Get multiple estimates of services from various agencies, so that you can compare the same and get an idea about what the normal pricing is likely to be. Try to meet the company professionals and possibly watch them in action to get an idea of their professionalism, expertise and operations.

Check the adherence to safety standards

It is important to hire a provider following industry safety standards, such as OSHA. Ensure that the crew wears goggles, chainsaw caps, hard hats etc. It can ensure that there are no fatalities or severe injuries in your premises, and everybody goes back without any injuries. Try to know about the safety aspects beforehand, so that you do not have to experience any nasty surprises later.

Ask necessary questions

You must ask any question that you might have to the tree trimming service provider. Find out about the certification, work process, approximate time that will be taken or time for project completion and more, so that there are no confusions later. Do not hold back any queries and ask whatever comes to your mind, so that you do not hire the company with some misconceptions on your end.


7 Tips on choosing the best landscape architect

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Best Landscaper Northern Virginia
Looking for the Best Landscaper in Northern Virginia

Landscape architects are experts who can help you with designing landscapes, and implementing the same in order to ensure the best experience for you. Whether it comes to getting well-cut lawns with properly pruned shrubs, or having lawn maintenance every week, you can get assistance from a qualified landscape architect. Here are 7 tips to help you choose the best landscape architect.

Look for recommendations

It is important to check whether a particular professional is being recommended by your relatives, friends, neighbors or other people in your social circle. Check their garden, if they have worked with the architect, and evaluate the kind of work he has done on their garden.

Consider what you need

Always consider what type of services you require for your own garden. In case you do not have higher or more complex demands with your garden space, you have to look for as much experience and expertise as you require. In case you need just a plant for your garden, a better choice would be a master gardener.

Demand client portfolio

Try to interview some architects over the phone. Ask whether you may view samples of their past projects to check whether you like their style. You may ask and get a portfolio or brochure, and know whether an architect has had any projects published in books or magazines. Review the consultants’ clients. In case the landscape architect is established already, it is likely to have a client portfolio. Do not be embarrassed in interacting with their clients, and finding out whether they have been satisfied with the kind of services offered to them.

Visit the architect’s website

Check the whole website of the architect, and look for clients’ testimonials. Go through the portfolio of clients and look at the photos of the clients’ gardens. You can get a fair idea of what kind of a garden you are going to have.

Check the ease of communication

You need to hire an architect who is appropriate for you, and satisfies all your requirements. Check whether he listens carefully to your requirements, and gives you proper suggestions about how to make your garden more beautiful within the budget that you have.

Make sure the architect is licensed

A licensed landscaping architect is an authenticated professional. There might be quite a few architects not having the license to handle work in your state, but posing as licensed professionals. You have to look for licensed designers who are registered in the state database, and you can rely on them to offer you proper services.

Ask for maintenance charges

Find out about the amount that would be charged by the landscape architect. Charges and packages vary across companies, but the maintenance costs can be more or less depending on the size of garden that you have. You need to consider in advance the maintenance factor, and choose an architect that has affordable charges for the upkeep of landscaped areas. It would be in your best interests to look for a low-cost landscaping architect.


7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Landscaper

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Best Landscaping Northern Virginia
Northern Virginia Landscaping

These days, many people are taking the care of lawn quite seriously. In case you are looking for landscapers in Northern Virginia, you are likely to find an overwhelming diversity. Although professional landscaping companies can be amazing and can offer you the best value for your money, it can be a disaster if you end up hiring the wrong landscaper. Before you sign up with any landscaper, here are 7 important questions that you need to ask in order to make the best choice.

How long have you been offering services?

You should not trust a poor, inexperienced company with the care of your precious lawn and waste money on it. Look for a company that is certified and can last for a long time. A company that is a long-timer in the industry has a vast portfolio that shows its abilities and knowledge, and boasts of a wonderful reputation in the community and a strong clientele.

Can I see your certification?

Many start-ups and small businesses flock the landscaping industry, and plenty of landscapers actually happen to be newcomers. Thus, you have to make sure of the certification, licensing, insurance and experience of the company. Otherwise, the work might go unfinished and the services inferior.

Do you offer guarantees?

Good landscapers are always ready to offer products and services with guarantees, and you can also get guarantees on the longevity of plant material. You can compare and contrast the offers backed by guarantee, and have the most stable contract.

Can you show me any of your ongoing projects?

The landscapers that you hire would be spending a lot of time in your neighborhood and house, around your family and yourself. Thus, the best way to be assured of a friendly, hygienic and professional landscaping crew is to exactly watch them in action.

Can I meet your landscaping team?

Demand to speak personally with each team member, and find out whether every one of them is competent and careful. Do you see any of them improper or messy while on the job? Keep in mind that one bad worker can cause lots of problems in your precious landscape.

Can you show me your portfolio of services?

Ask the company about its specific experience, and assess portfolios which show that experience quite clearly. Check whether the Better Business Bureau and other consumer advocate groups have good reviews for this landscaping company.

What are your charges?

Once you are assured that the company is a credible one, and offers decent services, you have to find out about the service charges. Find out whether the company has affordable rates, and whether it seems to be genuinely interested in helping clients out or only interested in making quick bucks at their expenses. Money oriented agencies are never good to work with, as – more often than not – the quality of services is doubtful and you have to bear a compromise in the form of landscaping assistance that is offered to you.

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