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Aeration And Seeding Can Take Your Lawn From Good To Great

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Hey everybody. This is Richard from MowCow Lawn and Landscape, here to talk with you about Aeration And Seeding.

Today we are looking at a yard that not a month earlier was almost 100% brown. It was not irrigated and took a drubbing from the summer.

But if you look now, it has really recovered. And again, this is a lawn that was not irrigated, but it’s great as it looks right now and that is because of Aeration And Seeding.

If we start to walk up on the lawn and if you follow me, we’re going to start looking down at some of the areas in the lawn.

And this is what we see. We’ve got, we’ve got some thin areas where there’s, the grass is trying to come back. We have some absolute Brown spots. And then if you start to look around, we can go a little farther. You’ll start to see we’ve got some weeds kicking in here. We’ve got some spurge and some grassy weeds that have come in.

And if you kind of panned down this way, you can see there’s even more thin spots and Brown areas. And yet from a distance, the lawn is certainly, uh, recovered or recovering, but yet it’s missing a little bit of grass. Aeration And Seeding has really helped this lawn go from good to great.

So a lawn like this, if we were to aerate and do a heavy seeding on it, it’s going to fill in all of these areas and make the lawn lush again. And if fall is the best time to do that work, and if we do it now and get it to grow in, we have the entire fall season for those roots to reach down so now the time is for Aeration And Seeding.

Then in the spring, they’ll grow deep again, and this lawn will be looking wonderful. Be ready to take on next summer as well. If you have a lawn like this and would like a hand with it, give us a shout, if you’re doing it yourself and have some questions, comment below, or give us a ring at the office. This is Richard from MowCow Lawn And Landscape. Have a good day.

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