One Surprising Reason You Have Lawn Weeds

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Ever wonder why weeds routinely show up in the exact same places each spring?

One frequently overlooked lawn weed contributor is birds. Different backyard bird species enjoy weed seeds as part of the daily diet. The moist journey through the digestive system can give seeds a boost.Weeds under tree indicated in circle

Unfortunately (for your lawn), weed seeds survive in birds’ digestive systems. When birds poop, the seeds are deposited, ready to sprout when conditions are optimal.

Wondering if birds are introducing weeds into your yard?

If you look on the ground directly under common perch sites, including mailboxes, branches, fence posts, and bird feeders, you’ll frequently find weeds sprouting.   Also if you look along the ground below their favorite tree branch and along the flight path to the bird feeder, you’ll often see a trail of growing weeds here as well.

Next time you are wondering how that weed arrived in your yard, remember to gaze upwards.  Look high and low to see if you can spot the flying feathered seed sower.

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