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14 low-maintenance plants for easy landscaping in Fairfax, VA

Plants surely need extra care, maintenance, and time, but simultaneously they add up to the beauty of your place. However, there also exists much variety in the type and growth of plants. They can be high maintenance, low maintenance, fast-growing, slow-growing, or even might not show any signs of growth at all.  In the majority of the cases, the growth of the plants is attributed to the type of plants, the environment they are in, and the soil they are planted in. Fertile soil and good landscape give rise to optimum growth and produce nourished plants, while changes in soil’s nutrient and rough terrain can limit the development of a plant, or your plant might need extra maintenance to grow.  Here are 14 low-maintenance plants for easy landscaping. 

Barberry is Low Maintenance

Barberry is a low-maintenance plant that adds beauty and security to your place because of its thorny stem, which is completely covered with thorns.  It can deter certain types of rodents and can add to your site’s safety. Moreover, the barberry has extensive survival capacity and can survive even in drought conditions. The plant is adapted to grow in drained and foliage soil; hence, it will not need much attention. 

The Smoke Tree 

The smoke tree is famous among other low-maintenance plants due to its beautiful purple-violet color and its ability to grow in different zones in different seasons. The smoke plant can be grown as a small tree, a large tree, and even a deciduous shrub.  The smoke tree is one of many low-maintenance trees that you can add in specific areas to add some color and life to your low-maintenance landscape. If you are looking for help, adding the smoke tree to your low maintenance landscape, reach out to us at Mowcow today. We would be pleased to look at low maintenance options such as low maintenance trees and low maintenance shrubs that add value to your wonderful property.


The Peony plant is one of the most widely planted and favored low-maintenance plants due to its flowery fragrance. The plant can grow in both winter and summer seasons and be planted approximately 2 inches deep. Peonies require thoroughly watered soil, and they grow even better when the soil is fertilized with organic matter.  People appreciate that it is one of many low-maintenance shrubs that add color to a property. It can certainly make your existing landscape compelling and interesting as it radiates life and wonderful smells in Northern Virginia. If you want to have this as a part of your property in Northern Virginia, reach out to a landscape professional and Mowcow today.


Although this tree is named Hawthorn, it is quite different from its name. It has a limited or tiny number of thorns present. The leaves of the Hawthorn plant show transition colors in different seasons, such as turning red to purple in fall. The tree can tolerate pollution as well as drought conditions.  Hawthorns are beautiful trees that are some of the common low-maintenance tree options in the Northern Virginia area. You can find out if this tree is right for your property by reaching out to a landscape professional today. Our landscaping company looks at your property, conducts design, and implements the right solutions to foster plant growth and beautify your property. Whether you are looking for low-maintenance trees or low-maintenance shrubs, our experts in Northern Virginia can certainly help you out. Find out how we can ensure you have a healthy lawn today!


The Liriope is a low-maintenance plant and is mainly used as a ground cover in gardens. In addition to this, it is evergreen throughout the season, whether it be summer or winter. The Liriope plant is also drought tolerant hence, it can be grown quickly in challenging areas. People appreciate that it is hardy and can last for quite a while in the Northern Virginia area. Interestingly, this plant is not a type of grass and is not a lily either. But it can certainly be a great addition in or around your garden beds.  

Feather Reed Grass

Feather Reed Grass is also drought-resistant and can be grown in areas having challenging topography and climate. It is reddish-brown to green in color and has lush feathery stalks which swing in wings. That seems pretty fantastic, right? If you think about adding the feather reed grass to your landscape, reach out to our professionals at Mowcow today. We would be pleased to assess your landscape and add the right elements to make it perfect over time!

Ribbon Grass

Ribbon grass is a ground cover grass, and this grass is usually grown in forests and many other areas to prevent erosion and flooding in low-lying areas. Remember that ribbon grass can be grown in harsh climatic and weather conditions such as extreme temperatures.  If you are looking at ribbon grass, soil compaction, warm-season grasses, cool-season grasses, and how they pair with tree species, remember to reach out to Mowcow today!

Fescue Can Add to a Low Maintenance Landscape

Fescue has brown foliage and bleached flowers and is also used as a ground cover. In addition to this, the plant requires full drained soil to flourish and enough sunlight. We would always have to look at your landscape and ensure that your low-maintenance landscape has the right design overall! If you are looking for low-maintenance plants, then fescue might be right for you.


Junipers are an example of shrubs that are low maintenance and also are one of the evergreen plants. In addition to this, gold juniper, one of the most common types of juniper, has toned orange leaves. Juniper requires well-drained soil. The use of a small amount of fertilizer can enhance the growth of the Juniper plant. 

Hardy Geranium

You will encounter Hardy Geranium in most of your gardens and the rock borders of the garden. The flower of Hardy Geranium tends to grow throughout the year’s several seasons, whether it be summer or winter. Like every other low-maintenance plant, hardy geranium also requires well-drained soil, some amount of fertilizer, and a partially sunny and shady environment. 


Dianthus grows in phases as short-lived perennial, biennials, and annuals. Dianthus can be grown as ground covers and also as blooming flowers. Even if, in extreme conditions, the flowers dry out, they can again rebloom. Dianthus is also drought tolerant and can tolerate challenging environments and hot climatic conditions. 


The Hydrangea is available in various colors and is widely grown as they add beauty and color to your garden of the place they are growing in. In addition to this, like every other low-maintenance plant, they require a certain portion of water to grow with a small amount of fertilizer specifically rich in phosphorus. 

Gold Sedges

Gold sedges are categorized under those plants that prevent existing soil erosion and control the soil erosion that is likely to happen. They range from evergreen to semi-evergreen flowers. The odd growth condition for gold sedge is that they grow best in an acidic soil environment. 

Vinca Minor

Vinca minor is one of the most common and low-maintenance evergreen flowering plants you can plant in your garden. In many cases, vinca minor is grown as a ground cover and suppresses weeds’ growth. In addition to this, they also add beauty to the environment through their flowers.  Conclusively, many plants are low maintenance and can be grown on the landscape if you plan well and choose wisely. In addition to this, smaller plants are a better option than long plants and higher trees. Moreover, most low-maintenance plants require the right volume of a proper water. 

Contact Us at Mowcow For Your Favorite Low Maintenance Plants

Whether you want to account for a genuinely low maintenance landscape or like to add a few low maintenance plants to your area to mix it up a bit, we are here for you. We can help design and install your favorite low-maintenance plants and add the right low-maintenance trees to ensure that your property is at its best. Whether we need to account for moist soil, acidic soil, or cold weather, we can certainly do so! We have the experience and processes that you need for your low-maintenance landscape! Since 1986, MowCow has provided an “Udderly Dependable” ™ service to folks in the Northern Virginia area. We are proud to offer neighborly customer care and execute high-end professional yard maintenance and services. In our area, stormwater drains from local streams into the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. We offer to Save the Bay Options because we’re concerned about the Bay, especially nutrients and sediment that may run off your lawn. We want to make your life easier by responsibly handling all of your lawn and landscape maintenance needs.

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